What was Felwinter’s Lie?

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Forged in remembrance of Felwinter, he who stared into the Void.

Welcome back guardians, today we discussing the classic Iron Banner weapon that sparked many theories about the Iron Lord, Felwinter. Of course we are talking about the Iron Banner shotgun Felwinter’s Lie. With the release of Rise of Iron many expected the lie of Felwinter to be revealed in the grimoire cards or even through in-game storytelling, however I personally did not find the answer very obvious. This destiny lore episode will explore four theories to what Felwinter’s Lie was? Unfortunately, if you are looking for a solid conclusion here, you will not find one, these are purely speculative theories based upon the grimoire cards and item descriptions.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

Let’s begin. The closest that we came to discovering what Felwinter’s lie was during a Game Informer interview with the Bungie writing team just prior to the release of Rise of Iron. Matt Miller from Game Informer asked

“are we going to find out what Felwinter’s lie is?”

Lead writer, Chris Schlerf responded with

“The most interesting thing to us when we were talking about Felwinter’s lie is the idea, that well, it sounds like on the surface it is just a lie, the thing with Felwinter in particular is that we are finding there is a depth to Felwinter that people just don’t know about yet and the lie is only part of that…”

I believe there are four distinct areas that make Felwinter unique, the “depth to Felwinter that we did not know about” and these areas may hold the clues for his lie. The first is Felwinter previously being a Warlord (1. Warlord), the second is the encounter with Citan on Felwinter peak (2. Citan), the third is Felwinter uses abilities of multiple classes not just Warlocks (3. Class abilities), the fourth is Felwinter’s conversation with Rasputin (4. Rasputin).

  1. Warlord

  2. Citan

  3. Class abilities

  4. Rasputin

Let’s now go into greater detail. Number 1, Felwinter was previously a Warlord. In the Lord Felwinter grimoire card, Felwinter is confirmed as a Warlord. He eventually parted those ways and took the oath to join the Iron Lords, however Felwinter Peak was his previous territory. In the card he meets with another Warlord known as Citan, that appear to have history and Felwinter requests that Citan relinquishes his territory and joins the Iron Lords.

The lie may be as simple as Felwinter was previously a Warlord, which is not a very stella resume for an Iron Lord. In fact, he was a very powerful Warlord because he held all of Felwinter peak, and Citan says,

“As I recall, you used to have a throne on that Light-forsaken peak, ‘til you joined up with the wolves. You’re the only Warlord I know who held an entire mountain.”

Remember that Radegast formed the Iron Lords to put an end to the Warlords who abused their power and ruled ruthlessly over their settlements. So Felwinter, may have some dark history as a Warlord and that is his lie.

This leads nicely into the second theory about what Felwinter’s lie was. It may have something to do with this meeting with Citan. Even though the meeting started as a negotiation, with Felwinter trying to convince Citan to join the Iron Lords, Felwinter eventually killed Citan permanently, using his infamous shotgun to damage Citan’s ghost post death. The lie may have been that Felwinter always intended on killing Citan, Felwinter never intended for a peaceful negotiation. The card reinforces this theory, as it reads,

“I invite you to my home after you abandon us, and you come to threaten me?”

The Warlord stood, towering over Felwinter.

“To broker peace.” Citan thought that even the voice behind the helmet didn’t believe what it said.”

This statement reinforces that Felwinter had no intention of negotiating with Citan. Felwinter may have lied to Saladin, promising to do his best for a peaceful negotiation. It appears that Saladin would have preferred a peaceful solution, just before Felwinter kills Citan the card reads,

“Normally, this is where I ask you to reconsider. Tell you that you should come with me. See how powerful your Light can become. But I know you, Citan. What you do with the land you take, with its people. The other Lords—especially Saladin—might let you walk away. I’m not going to give them the chance.”

So in this scenario the lie could have occurred on multiple levels, Felwinter lied to Saladin promising to negotiate with Citan (when in fact he had all intentions of killing him), he may have lied to Citan in order to set up the meeting (as I am sure Citan would not willing invite someone to kill him) and final maybe Felwinter lied about the events that occurred with Citan, knowing that Saladin would disapprove, did Felwinter tell Saladin the truth about how he killed Citan?

The third Felwinter lie theory involves Felwinter using multiple class abilities. Felwinter is commonly accepted to be Voidwalker warlock as illustrated by the Iron Camelot Hood which reads,

“Forged in remembrance of Felwinter, he who stared into the Void”

and the “Felwinter’s Iron Bond”, which is a Warlock bond.

Despite this, Felwinter performs a very interesting maneuver during his fight with Citan…  he performs a Tian striker flying knee. The card reads,

“The floor shuddered as the Warlord upended the massive table with one hand. It smashed into the opposite wall, as tendrils of Void Light passed through it and coalesced into Felwinter’s leaping form. Citan had seen this parlor trick before, and judged that he could hammer the Iron Lord out of the air— But Felwinter’s momentum continued into a knee-lift that smashed into Citan’s head as the larger man reared back to strike. The Warlord fell, the front of his helm shattering. Felwinter landed next to Citan’s prone body. “Lady Jolder taught me that. I can’t say the Iron Lords haven’t done me any favors,” the voice intoned. “You know we’ll burn the world down before we let the Iron Lords rule it,” the larger man gasped, breathing out of his mouth, his face a bloody mess. The Void Light in Felwinter’s hand snapped—and so did the Warlord’s neck.”

It appears that Felwinter learned the Titan flying knee from Jolder before executing Citan using the void to break his spine. Apart from using a Titan ability, Felwinter also appears to be wearing Hunter armor. In the Iron Temple, Felwinter’s statue does not typically represent Warlock, especially when compared with the other Warlock statues. Does his lie involve switching classes or using light in ways that is not expected for a Warlock.

The last and final theory about Felwinter’s lie involves Rasputin and SIVA. I cant help but make comparison between Toland the Shattered and Felwinter. Those who are critical of Toland’s motives may suggest that Toland only joined Eris Morn as an excuse to enter the Hellmouth and seek out the Deathsinger, Ir Yut. Similarly, Felwinter’s motives for joining the Iron Lords are also questionable, was he seeking SIVA and the power SIVA may bring? Have a listen to the Felwinter Peak card, “. A chance meeting with Lord Timur in the Mothyards led to Timur’s first reports on the promises of SIVA. Felwinter’s conscription into the ranks and the raising of the Iron Temple commenced shortly thereafter.” This sounds like Felwinter only joined the ranks of the Iron Lords after hearing about SIVA from Timur. Considering, Felwinter’s immense power as a Warlord maybe he saw SIVA as a threat, especially if the Iron Lords were successful in accessing SIVA, so consequently rather than risk losing his territory, he joined the Iron Lords.

Timur and Felwinter would also go on to explore the Arabian Shores in the Lord Timur card. In this card, Felwinter is revealed to be an Exo. Timur encourages Felwinter to remember his wiped past and Timur leads Felwinter to a Clovis Bray facility and says

“We all have creators- humans, exo, warminds, even those poor Awoken. Some are just easier to find.”

Maybe Felwinter discovered an aspect of his past, which is why Felwinter tried to communicate with Rasputin. When the Iron lords approached the SIVA replication complex, Rasputin defended the complex and killed many Iron Lords. Felwinter actually tried to negotiate with Rasputin. The Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.6 card reads, “Felwinter tried to communicate with the Warmind. Called it Rasputin. ~consume enhance replicate~ Said he could make it understand. Tell it we meant no harm. Rasputin didn’t answer with words.” What did Felwinter say to Rasputin, why was Felwinter able to communicate with Rasputin, maybe his lie has something to do with this!

That concludes the four theories about Felwinter’s Lie, if you have another one, please feel free to leave it in the comments below. Let’s now move on to the artwork. There has recently been increased amount of support through my Patreon page and although it is not enough to cover the full cost of a new destiny comic book, it is enough to start! Zach Bradley is back on board and just to remind you of the quality of his work, check this cover art submission to Game Informer. The next comic will be about Felwinter. I know people were keen to continue with Saint-14, however, I  felt that I wanted to wait for more information about Saint-14, I am a bit precious with my first comic and I was hoping that Rise of Iron would add more information about battle of six fronts and Saint-14.

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