What is the Void?


The Void

Those who have stared into the Void are not bound by the laws of space and time. You will fear nothing, and nothing will not fear you. Just try explaining that to someone who has never walked the Void.

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing the Void, more specifically what is the Void. We will discuss the Void as a place, or rather space, how accessing Void light is fundamentally different than Arc and Solar, how the Void is connected with the Darkness, how the Void may act as bridge between our reality and the Hive netherworld and Vex system and how the Vex’s mastery of the Void may allow them control over space and time.

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Before starting I wanted to say that I am not going to cover the science of the Void and comparisons to real life, specifically Dark matter. Beard Grizzle provided a bunch of information on this however, it is a bit over my head and I think other content creators do a much better job than myself, so I am strictly going to stick to the lore within the Destiny Universe.

Let’s start in very general terms and answer, what is the Void? The best descriptions of the Void comes from The Void grimoire card and the warlock subclass quest line, “Master the Void” They read;

“The universe is defined by fundamental forces. Beneath the world of light and matter lies the vacuum, and the vast dark secrets that it contains. In the understanding of this vacuum lies the secret of Void Light.”

“Void energy is like all things of this universe, it is Light seen through a prism. A fundamental force, the vacuum between the stars, the absence of everything else. Just try explaining that to someone who has never walked the Void.” —Toland’s Journal”

So, the Void, is the space, the nothingness between places. It is described as a vacuum, an absence of everything. Even though it is described as nothing, a vacuum, it can still be visited, you can go to the Void, or at least pass through the Void. This is reinforced by grimoire cards that reference the Traveller emerging from the Void and Warlocks not only starring into the Void but entering it. For example, the Voidwalker card reads:

“Those who have stared into the Void are not bound by the laws of space and time.” The Traveler came out of the void that surrounds all things. Thus we know that the void is full of power. Thus we enter the void without fear.”

And this from Albios

“When you enter the Void for the last time, make it count. – Albios”

This brings me to my next point, Guardians can draw power from the Void, creating Void light. This is reinforced by the Nightstalker grimoire card which reads,

“Draw from the Void. Light the way.”

The Shadowshot grimoire card which reads,

“Summon the power of the Void to draw back and launch a precision long-range projectile that reaches out and snares enemies with slowing, draining tethers of Void Light.”

The Void grimoire card reads,

“In the understanding of this vacuum lies the secret of Void Light.”

And the Voidwalker grimoire card reads,

“Thus we know that the void is full of power. Thus we enter the void without fear.”

The idea of drawing power from the Void is similar yet still quite different from the other elements. For example, Arc Light has been described as being present inside all life and in the Stormcaller quest line we harness Arc light from a storm on mars. The quest reads,

“An arc storm has been located at blind watch. Observing the Vex and studying their techniques, the Warlocks invented the Stormtrance, an unbreakable focus, a way harnessing the Arc energy from the Storm. Arc is inside all life. You must feel it take hold, let it flow through, but not consume you. You are a conduit. Between sky and earth. Electricity and matter. Life and death.”

Solar energy is described as being sourced from the Sun. Tevis says this about the Hunter golden gun.

“Why is it golden? Well, let’s see, what’s the fundamental force we’re dealing with here? Solar energy, right? Like, from the Sun? I swear, you kids come out of the Tower greener and greener every year. Why is it gold? Feh.”

And the Sunbreaker questline says this,

“When we summon the Hammer of Sol, we draw the power of undying suns, scattered across multiple timelines to bring pure light to where only Darkness survives.”

The main difference about harnessing Void light, is the Void can affect the wielder, the Void can change Guardians. As far as I am aware, harnessing Arc light and Solar energy does not have this affect. In fact, some Guardians even fear the Void.

Tevis says this,

“I’ve had a dozen Hunters ask me why it’s so hard to summon a Dusk Bow. I asked ’em what they thought of the Void, and their eyes told me everything. You can’t be afraid. That’s the secret. No fear.”

And Cayde says that the Void can be addictive and twist your light.

“Picking it up is the easy part, Hunter. Putting it down again, well, you’ll find that it’s addictive, that power. This weapon is something special. Your light gets twisted. Changed.”

And the description of Graviton Forfeit

“Doesn’t matter how good you are—you stay out there too long, you’re not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway.” —Tevis”

This leads me to my next point, with all this talk about twisting your light and changing you if you spend too long in the Void, it makes me wonder if it is connected to the darkness in anyway. There are a number of cards that closely link the Darkness and the Void.

Path of the Voidwalker reads,

“Only by standing in the darkness between the stars will you find what it means to be a Voidwalker”

And this

“Voidwalkers do not shy away from the Darkness. They willingly gaze into the abyss between the stars, and from that draw a power few would have the will to bear.”

And this from the new Thorn quest line

“There will be suffering, but know that you do this for a just cause. If the Darkness is to be defeated, it must be understood. The Void will siphon that which the weapon needs. And the weapon will feast.”

The Void has the ability to syphon life energy and the consumption of light is often associated with the Darkness and the Hive. Lastly, the Nightsalkter’s Trail reads,

“You find the power to punch through and borrow something from the other side. The Void opens up a hole, and draws from the deep.”

In the Books of Sorrow, the Deep, is the Darkness, Oryx draws the power of the Deep to make Taken enemies. So, does the Void connect us in some way with the Darkness, allow us to borrow something from the other side, the power of the Deep, just like Oryx? I am not 100% sure, however, I think the Void and understanding the Void is likely the closest we have come to understanding the Darkness, the fact that the Void can corrupt us, twist our light, siphon life energy mimics use of quite dark powers.

I believe the reason why the Void reflects aspects of the Darkness is because it is the bridge between our reality and whatever realm the Darkness dwells within. When Oryx communicated directly with the Darkness, he used the Tablets of Ruin to enter the Darkness realm, and so if Guardians were to ever communicate with the Darkness, I think they would have to travel through or pass through the Void.

The Void surrounds everything, and whilst it may be pathway to darkness, it is not the only pathway, the Void leads to everywhere, every possibility, every reality, every dimension. Remember that when the Traveler fled Oryx, it fled through the Void into our system, in the Books of Sorrow when the Ecumene were destroyed by Oryx, they also fled into the Void.

For this reason, I believe the Void also connects us to the Hive Netherworld and The Vex Gate System. The Hive’s proximity to the void is reinforced by the Books of Sorrow, in Verse 2:9- Crusaders, Oryx’s sister Savathun is killing the Ammonites’s, it reads

“Their screams flavour the void.”

Also, as I mentioned before, in Verse 3:9- Carved in Ruin in the Books of sorrow, the Ecumene flee into the void. Due to the mentions of the Void during Oryx’s conquest of the universe, I think it reasonable to assume that the Hive are aware of the Void. Whilst I believe that the Hive netherworld is not necessarily in the Void, it is an alternative theory that the netherworlds reside within the Void. What I am more inclined to believe is that when the Hive cut wounds in space to access their Netherworlds, they pass through the Void.

The reason why I think this, is that Crota cut a wound in space and accidently allowed the Vex to enter Oryx’s throneworld and Vex have been documented to occupy areas of the Void. So theoretically, the wound in space connected the Hive netherworld with the Void, which housed the Vex.

The Undying Mind grimoire card is the greatest evidence that the Vex have units that reside within the Void. It reads,

“We are starting to believe that time is home to the Vex, and somewhere in those unmappable voids dwell their undying minds.”

In the same card, Ikora Rey confirms that the Black Garden may have originated from the Void, it reads,

“The readings from nearby surges hold no time function. It could quite possibly be resealing the Black Garden back into whatever void it once hid.”

It makes sense to me, that the Vex want to understand the Void, because Void, like Arc and Solar, is a fundamental force of our universe.

If the Vex are to control space and time, control everything, they need to understand what means to control nothing, the abyss, the nothingness, the vacuum. They need to control all of the fundamental forces.

Aethon’s time’s conflux reads,

“We might guess that the Vex confluxes represent the extension of this network across space and time. Perhaps the Vex use closed timelike curves to solve unfathomable computations. Or the Vex may seek to transcend a physical substrate, and move their thoughts directly into the fundament of the universe.”

Controlling the fundamental forces of our universe, Arc, Solar and Void brings the Vex one step closer to controlling space and time itself., weaving themselves into the fundament of the universe. Those who have entered the Vault of Glass return haunted, reports of being “Marked by the Void”, Aethon throws their minds and bodies into the vacuum, the vast ocean of nothingness. Only those who can you walk the Void return.

So I ask you Guardian, is your mind strong enough to walk the Void, to pull power from nothing or will you succumb to its vastness, the crushing weight of simultaneously existing and not existing. If we ever hope to change our Destiny we must master the Void.

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