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Welcoming back Guardians, today we are discussing the Owl Sector. I believe more information will continue to be released regarding Owl Sector, right up until the release of Rise of Iron. So this is part 1 and I will release Part 2 just prior to Rise of Iron.. I hope. This video includes all the information from the owlsector.bungie.net website as of 9pm Saturday night 17th of September, US  EST.

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Let’s begin with, “What is Owl Sector?” Owl Sector appears to be a group of civilians that assist the Tower and guardians during unusual or strange occurrences, acting like a research/intelligence response team. Ikora Rey confirms they are not guardians by saying

“It’s high-risk work for a civilian”.

Even though they are not guardians, their allegiance to the Tower is without question. Quist says this about Owl Sector,

“When I joined the Owl Sector, I pledged to uphold and support the Tower and its Guardians, our best and last defense against the Darkness, no matter what threat arose. No matter the cost. I am forbidden to go home.”

Whilst they work cooperatively with the Tower and vanguard, they do still hold their own independence and decision making. The members of Owl Sector that we know of include Shun, who is the Vanguard liaison, Quist, who is a geographer, Berriole who is a codebreaker/hacker and is a part of the Bypass Authority team within Owl Sector and Ramos who takes over as Vanguard liaison (which I will explain shortly).

Owl Sector was previously involved with an outbreak known as the

“Dawn Calamity”

which we do not have any further information on yet. However, we do know that Dawn Calamity required contamination protocols and equipment.

I will now cover the events that occurred which lead to the electronic mites that we currently see floating around guardians, please note that the exact order of  these events are unknown, so feel free to correct in the comments if you think the order needs to be adjusted and I will change in Part 2.

Let’s start. Berriole receives reports of

“electronic mites”

the first reports originate from the Dust Palace on Mars, however reports continue to come from other areas. The Owl Sector becomes concerned and Quist recommends that they contact Ikora Rey and check with the Hidden before informing the Vanguard. Shun, as the Vanguard liaison, approaches Ikora Rey and they discuss the appearance of the electronic mites. Ikora Rey confirms she has never seen this before and neither has the Hidden and they agree on a plan to be proposed to the Vanguard, that is to quarantine guardians. During the discussions it is also revealed that Shun and Ikora Rey previously had a relationship and Shun’s nickname for her was “Korrie”.

Ikora Rey then approaches the Vanguard, which includes Zavala and Cayde-6. Cayde-6 has little concern for the electronic mites and thinks he would like to be infected because Yellow suits him. Ikora reminds Cayde of the seriousness of the matter and describes the electronic mites as a

“contagious armor systems override”

and that the Owl Sector have

“predicted total saturation of the Guardian population, excluding those off-duty, inside of a week. Should any complications arise—which, since we’re talking about a mysterious invasive technological override, is likely—the Tower will stand undefended, and the City will be helpless and vulnerable to attack.”

The Vanguard agree on quarantining Guardians, however the plan quickly fails and the decision is reversed. Quist was the one in charge of organising the quarantine and says

“Quarantine failed shortly after institution. Note to self: Corralling sick Guardians is one thing. Healthy, rambunctious Guardians, armed to the teeth and impatient to go back starside… They threw things. Shun modeled the outbreak for me after we retreated in disgrace”

After the quarantine fails, it is decided that they should limit the interaction between Guardians and civilians, as the light seems to be a protective factor to the infection and the Vanguard are concerned about the potential effects on civilians. Owl Sector sets up checkpoints to restrict Guardian access and landing clearances are revoked. Thank fully, Guardians respect the new quarantine procedures. At some point, both Saladin and Shaxx also become aware of the mites. Saladin seems particularly concerned demanding answers and storming out of the room. Shaxx also wants it out of the crucible.

Simultaneous whilst Owl Sector were communicating with the Vanguard, Berriole, who is part of the Bypass Authority of the Owl Sector has been sent to Mars to investigate the origin of the outbreak. Berrimole is described as having skills in cryptography, biosignature falsification and historical architecture. Berrimole acquires the previous contamination equipment used at Dawn Calamity as a precaution. She goes on to find a laboratory of a scientist named Dr Shirazi in the Dust Palce, who was working on an experiment with Willa Bray, yes Clovis Bray’s daughter (see my previous video for more information on Willa Bray, link in the description).

She hacks into the computer terminal and realises that the password is extremely complicated for Dr Shirazi’s clearance level. Ikora Rey is also suspicious to why Dr Shirazi had such strong password systems for the level of work that was being conducted. The password is a combination of musical tones and a Persian phrase that translates to

“remember who watches you.”

Regardless to the complexity of the password, Berrimole cracks it and extracts documentation from Shirazi’s experiments which details patients being injected with Brilliance 3.2, Glory 2.1, Splendor 2.6, Magnificence 2.0 and Fortitude 3.1. Each substance has a different effect on the patient. The experiments do appear to be sanctioned by Clovis Bray as indicated in the record notes which read,


I assume the CB stands for Clovis Bray. Whilst some patients are in good spirits and believe that the experimentation will lead to advances in colonisation, other patients are only participating due to the debt they owe to Clovis Bray. Remember, that Cayde-6 was in the exact same situation, and agreed to be Clovis Bray experiment due to the debt he owed! (link in the description for a more detailed video on Cayde-6).

In fact, Shun actually brings this concern to Ikora Rey, saying that this level of coercion is not a known Clovis Bray practice, i.e. taking advantage of people who owe debt. Interestingly, Ikora Rey responds that it is a known practice. This is how it reads,

“SHU: Ha. Ha. No, I thought you’d be interested in Jun. This kind of coercion isn’t a known Clovis Bray practice. IR: Not in the books you read, perhaps. SHU: But it’s in the record? IR: It’s in the record.”

Ikora Rey already knew that Clovis Bray was coercing people into experimentation to pay off their debts. Jun, Patient E, even says that

“No ethics board on Earth would approve”

of Clovis Bray practices, lucky for Clovis Bray he was conducting experiments on mars not earth.

Berrimole continues to gather more patient notes from Dr Shirazi’s experiments and communicates them with Owl Sector and the Vanguard. The effects of the injections start to be noted. Injection with Magnificence 2.0 on Patient A caused complaints of phantom insects, which eventually materialised into blue beadlike or beelike particles swarming the patients head. It is also confirmed that the colour may be linked to the colorant that the researchers used to tag the injection. The patient would later also walk two inches above the floor with glowing blue heels. The initial intention of the injection is revealed to be

“nanoparticles to strengthen the subject’s immune system, reinforce skeletons, exoskeletons, joints, and musculature, and accelerate synapse and logic board signalling.”

Injection with brilliance 3.2 on Patient B initially caused a coma, followed by an abrupt awakening with singing and dancing, with what appears to be the subject to reliving past events such as their childhood and pop hits of the past century. The particles are green.

Injection with Splendor 2.6 on Patient C has caused aggression and is yellow.

Injection with Fortitude 3.1 on Patient D has not seen as many changes with the only notable change being, a decrease in his voice volume.

Injection with Glory 2.1 on Patient E seems that the subject has not been cooperative. But we do not know if this is because of the injection or because the subject is being coerced into the experiment in order to pay off clovis bray debt.

Apart from just sending reports about the experiments, Berrimole also sends a sample of the electronic mites to the Owl Sector, which is reinforced when Shun says

“Speaking of our codebreaker [Berrimole]. She sent a sample scraped off the sand and this log”.

It appears that Shun, Quist and Ramos are conducting further studies on the sample. Ikora Rey insists that Owl Sector follow Amber 6 protocol when handling the samples which includes

“sterilisation, firewall and decontamination procedures”.

As Shun, Quist and Ramos are about to inspect the sample, Quist notices that Shun has forgotten his gloves. Due to fatigue Shun had forgotten an aspect of his contamination suit and becomes infected. Shun is sent to hospital and later becomes unconscious. One civilian causality is also confirmed. Ramos then assumes the position of Vanguard Liaison.

Zavala ends with

“Our commission is to protect the City, under all conditions, in all circumstances. We cannot risk the health of our citizens for this, this—whimsy.”

At the time of writing this video, this is all the information I had available. By the time you can actually watch this video, I will likely be working on Part 2 and sure there will be a bunch more lore!

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