The Redjacks! Robot uprising?

Character Lore

The Redjacks

Frames are simple automata built in the City. Although not equipped with true general sentience, they are nevertheless useful for cleaning, maintenance, and service tasks. Frames do have the ability to learn, and many develop quirks of personality and behavior over long lifespans.

Welcome back guardians. With the release of Rise of Iron, we saw 31 new Ghost Fragment grimoire cards that can be found in the crucible. There are actually 5 categories of these cards,“Redjack Surveillance Feed”, “Redjack after action debrief”, “Redjack After action data share”, “Live combat feed” and “Post match report”.

  1. Redjack Surveillance Feed

  2. Redjack after action debrief

  3. Redjack After action data share

  4. Live combat feed

  5. Post match report

The Redjack cards actually have a report number and can be put together to form a story about the Redjacks, very similar to how the SIVA memories and Raid armour form a story if placed in the correct order. AND the really interesting thing is, it has an I, Robot vibe to it, you know the movie about servant robots that turn against their masters.

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Let’s start with the basics about the RedJacks. The Redjacks are Lord Shaxx’s personal army of combat frames. Their role is to secure enemy territory to provide a training ground for the Crucible and SRL. This is told to us in many grimoire cards, one example is Sector 618, which reads, “Sector 618 is a recently-established Crucible arena mired in a ruin of the Cosmodrome. Secured by Shaxx and a Redjack fireteam, the space has been converted into an obstacle course for the Guardians, adding balance and navigational challenges to the live-fire proceedings.”

We know that the Redjacks are combat frames because the new Ghost Fragment crucible cards specifically the ““Redjack Surveillance Feed”, “Redjack after action debrief” and “Redjack After action data share” those cards in particular all indicate that they are combat frames who are serviced by technicians. In fact, Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster appears to be the very first Redjack.

This is reinforced by the Ghost Fragment: Asylum grimoire card where Lord Shaxx is speaking with another very important RedJack, Dahlia 99-40. The card reads,

PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1], Guardian-type, Class Titan [u.1]; One [1], Frame-type, Unit Combat [u.2]
ASSOCIATIONS: Arcite 99-40 [Unit00]; Crucible; Dahlia 99-40 [Unit07]; Frame; Lord Shaxx; Redjacks

[u.1:01] Dark in here…
[u.2:01] Engineering protocols dictate frame recharging bays—
[u.1:02] It’s fine. How many of you are there?
[u.2:02] Including Arcite 99-40, this Redjack fireteam comprises eleven units.
[u.1:03] Your name?
[u.2:03] This frame’s designation is Dahlia 99-40.
[u.1:04] I asked for more Guardians, but they only gave me you. This City needs training grounds. And together, that’s what we’ll provide.
[u.2:04] I might do that. Or I might explode.
[u.1:05] That’s all I ask.

This provides a wealth of new information about the Redjacks, Arcite 99-40 has the Unit Number 00, this may indicate he is the very first Redjack. In fact, Ghost Fragment: Twilight Gap confirms that Arcite pre-dates all other Redjacks, it reads

“[u.1.01] He’s going to use these frames to take the arenas? They just came online.
[u.2.01] It’s Shaxx. They’ll work out.
[u.1.02] Yeah. Or they might explode. Shaxx knows it’s a fifty-fifty with frames, right?
[u.2.02] Except Arcite. He’s been here since they built the Walls. And the frames can hear you.
[u.1.03] I know. Creepy. Especially when they parrot people.
[u.2.03] If they all parrot Shaxx, they might pull this off.
[u.1.04] Don’t even joke about that.

The previous card also confirms that the Redjacks are not Guardians, they are definitely just combat frames, as Lord Shaxx says, “I asked for more Guardians, but they only gave me you.” The Redjack team is also quite small at this stage, only 11 frames, Arcite is frame 00 and Dahlia is frame 07.

All 11 frames would actually go on to be destroyed with the exception of Arcite and Dahlia. This is told to us in Ghost Fragment: The Burning Shrine, which reads,

“Redjacks encountered hostile AI at Sunbreaker relic designate: THE FORGE. Enemy units harbored a structural defect in the center chassis that the Redjacks exploited with great prejudice. Over two dozen hostile units fell: it was amazing. Redjack units one through six and eight through ten were lost to returning fire. Lord Shaxx says only the strong survive. I will learn from their destruction.”

It appears that Dahlia is a particularly gifted frame, even matching Arcite’s combat skill, this is confirmed in the next surveillance feed from Ghost Fragment: Skyshock which reads,

“[u.1:01] What the hell happened to that one?
[u.2:01] Dahlia? We call her the Antiquity. You can pull more Fallen blades and bullets out of her chassis than Shaxx’s armor, but she keeps coming back. I mean, she’s logged what? Forty-plus missions.
[u.1:02] Those are Arcite numbers.
[u.2:02] Better. Maybe we should give her Alpha permissions, let her call formations.
[u.1:03] Give it another week. If she comes back, we’ll give it a shot.”

Interestingly, it seems that those frames that do well may get Alpha Permission, which means they can command the other frames to form certain formations. Unfortunately, the remaining cards never confirm if Dahlia was ever granted the Alpha Permission. Whilst she may or may not have received this Permission, Lord Shaxx began data sharing between the frames. Dahlia uploaded her combat feed to newly constructed Frames, which greatly improved their combat ability and survival rate. This is confirmed in Ghost Fragment: Sector 618 which reads, “[u.1:01] The feed-sharing you’ve been running on the Redjacks during their debriefs—

[u.2:01] I’m telling you it works. Shaxx said they’re progressing at an exponential rate.
[u.1:02] He said that?
[u.2:02] Not in those words, exactly.
[u.1:03] Almost every Redjack dies on the field anyway. What’s the point?
[u.2:03] The data’s for posterity. Newer frames will be better.
[u.1:04] Sure, but any data-share hiccups and you’re just wasting time.

And the Ghost Fragment: Bannerfall card indicates Dhalia uploading her combat feeds. The feed is on screen now. I will read the first couple of lines

//REDJACK_UNIT07…/ (meaning dahlia)
//Downloading UNIT00 combat feed…
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Downloading UNIT01 combat feed…
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Downloading UNIT02 combat feed…
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Downloading UNIT03 combat feed…
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Downloading UNIT04 combat feed…
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…

New frames are eventually introduced and Dahlia becomes incompatible with the new system, she is unable to download combat feeds from the new frames, however she can upload her combat feed to them. This is demonstrated in Ghost Fragment: Icarus, which is on screen now.

//Download failed
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Download failed
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Download failed
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Download failed
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…
//Download failed
//Uploading UNIT07 combat feed…


Just prior to the compatibility issue with the new frames, Lord Shaxx pulls Arcite from the field, I assume to become the Crucible Master. A technician also mentions that Arcite and Dahlia have the ability to rewrite the system of other frames.

The Ghost Fragment: Last Exit reads,

“[u.1:01] Shaxx is pulling Arcite from the field.
[u.2:01] Not Dahlia? She’s a natural for modifying foundry gear. Her combat numbers are through the roof.
[u.1:02] You can fistfight Shaxx over it, if you want.
[u.2:02] Dahlia’s the last ‘jack standing, then. Maybe it’s for the best. New frames have trouble data-linking with her and Arcite. The two of them have been around since the beginning, and their heuristic systems keep rewriting everything.
[u.1:03] They watch her. She helps just by being out there, and their heuristic systems keep rewriting everything”.

Heuristic means enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves. This means Arcits systems and dahlia systems allowed them to learn and Dahlia was able to continue to upload her combat feed to new frames despite the compatibility issues. The Frames grimoire card, quite specifically says that Frames are

“not equipped with true general sentience, they are nevertheless useful for cleaning, maintenance, and service tasks. Frames do have the ability to learn, and many develop quirks of personality and behavior over long lifespans.”

But the question is did Arcite and Dahlia have something different, did something separate them from the rest of the frames, that allowed them to survive and endure combat like no other frame… This ability may not just be specific to arcite and dahlia with Lord Shaxx introducing the data sharing ability, Dahlia uploaded her system to all the new combat frames. Let’s hope that Lords Shaxx can maintain control over the frames.

I do have question… what ever happened Dahlia, the records just seem to end, we know where Arcite is…but what about Dahlia, have you ever noticed the female frame in Bannerfall…yeah the one behind a locked gate, safe guarded by multiple cameras…

That concludes this latest Destiny Lore episode, if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase, “Last jack standing” to represent Dahlia is currently missing, an extraordinary frame that you could speculate became sentient and uploaded to the other frames. As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.