Sleeper Simulant

Exotic weapon lore

Sleeper Simulant

Stand by for CRITERIA:
If AI-COM has granted PERMISSIVE POTENTIATION to outboard resilient instances
If tactical morality is built at MIDNIGHT
Perform deniable authorization: full caedometric and noetic release
Prevent the Traveler’s departure by any means available.

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The reason why the Lore for Sleeper Simulant is relatively hidden or difficult to understand is because it is described using many of Rasputin’s protocols. These protocols were activated just prior to and during the collapse and for the most part we do not entirely know what the protocols mean. However, if we combine the knowledge of multiple grimoire cards, we can speculate on their purpose.

I will cover the protocols in a hierarchical and chronological order in which they were activated. The first is


Skyshock was activated when Rasputin first detected the Darkness, in Ghost Fragment: Darkness. Rasputin detected an unknown, powerful and hostile force and consequently activated SKYSHOCK. The new Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6 describes SKYSHOCK as an “Event rank”. So I interpret this as, Rasputin has a number of code words to describe the ranking of certain events and phenomena, Skyshock I assume is the highest rank, high priority, high emergency and requires immediate action.

The event itself is referred to as


I believe the event is referred to as Carrhae white because it is symbolic of our civilisation being outmatch by the Darkness, because in real life, the Battle of Carrhae, was a historic battle which saw a smaller force outnumbered three to one, despite this the small force defeated a large Roman army with tactile use of cavalry. Rasputin may have labeled this event, i.e. the coming of the Darkness, Carrhae White, to symbolize how our chances of survival were slim, but there was still hope that we could overcome a much more powerful opponent.

Once Rasputin had recognised and predicted the invading force and pending collapse, he activates two more protocols, VOLUSPA and YUGA. The Sleeper simulant lore is actually hidden in the Voluspa protocol. To begin the Sleeper simulant quest line we have to collect four DVALIN fusion rifle relics. The item description for these relics read:

“VOLUSPA subroutine DVALIN FORGE. Purpose: strategic arming of human forces in the face of CARRHAE WHITE emergency.”

SO this confirms, that DVALIN FORGE was a subroutine of the protocol VOLUSPA and the purpose was to arm human forces to prepare for the Darkness. Yes, Rasputin gave everyone fusion rifles and at that point he realised, he should have given everyone matadors.

So the DVALIN FORGE was a subroutine of VOLUSPA during the collapse, however Rasputin activates a new subroutine during our years as Guardians. It is called, IKELOS. Rasputin does this in order to arm guardians to help protect Rasputin’s bunkers from the Fallen. This is reinforced by the Sleeper Simulant grimoire card which reads,

“Number of exterior defense breaches has increased by 400% in the past year. Current campus defense protocols unable to keep up with new demands. Operation MIDNIGHT EXIGENT is NOT YET COMPLETE. Interim response necessity is IMPERATIVE. Hypothesize that resource GUARDIANS may be leveraged to compensate for CDP inadequacies. Reassign 12 percent of COSMO assets to new directive: declare IKELOS. I am calling VOLUSPA and extracting subroutine DVALIN FORGE, to be modified and recompiled to comport to MIDNIGHT EXIGENT parameters. I am inserting the modified DVALIN FORGE-2 into IKELOS and compiling for immediate implementation.”

As you can see, Rasputin took the VOLUSPA protocol and extracted the DVALIN FORGE subroutine, which had the original purpose of arming civilisation to fight the Darkness, and modified the DVALIN subroutine to make new one called IKELOS.

In the Sleeper Simulant quest, this new subroutine IKELOS, has us follow a trail of transmissions, that leads to the discovery of a Ikelos Fusion Core, which we then activate, by inserting “Plasma Confinement Control modules” which can only be obtained from Warsat public events on earth, mars and venus, i.e. I assume Rasputin sent down the parts we needed to activate the IKELOS core. The activate IKELOS core is then inserted into a weapon frame and the Sleeper Simulant is produced.

The Sleeper Simulant grimoire card which is rewarded after creating the Sleeper Simulant starts with,

“Subroutine IKELOS: Status = complete. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status = still in progress”

Basically, Rasputin armed Guardians with Sleeper Simulant in order to protect its assets, just like during the collapse when Rasputin activated DVALIN FORGE to arm civilisation.

However, there is one major difference! You may have already spotted it. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT. I did not mention it before, however, after VOLUSPA failed, YUGA failed, fighting off the Darkness failed, Rasputin activated another protocol, MIDNIGHT EXIGENT, this protocol formatted the moral structures of Rasputin. It allowed Rasputin to turn off its civilisation protection protocols. This is reinforced in the Ghost Fragment Rasputin 3 card, which reads,

“I am declaring YUGA SUNDOWN effective on receipt (epoch reach/FORCECON variant). Cancel counterforce objectives. Cancel population protection objectives. Format moral structures for MIDNIGHT EXIGENT.”

Rasputin had to make the choice to stop protecting civilisation, knowing that millions would die, however by changing these protocols he may discover a solution to combat the darkness. And he did, by deactivating his moral protocols, Rasputin was able to strike down and cripple the Traveler and Rasputin predicted that by forcing the Traveler to stay on Earth, the Traveler would release a defence mechanism, which it did… The Ghosts, which created Guardians, our greatest weapon against the Darkness. This is all told to us in Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5.

SO now that you understand what MIDNIGHT EXIGENT is, you will notice, that Rasputin has not reactivated its moral protocols. The Sleeper Simulant card says,

“MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status = still in progress”

the Sleeper Simulant quest line says,

“Bunker perimeter defenses have repeatedly failed. Calling new mechanism IKELOS. Purpose: enable Guardians to secure key positions and other goals relevant to MIDNIGHT EXIGENT”

Relevant to MIDNIGHT EXIGENT… midnight exigent is not about defending humanity, in fact it was the opposite, switching off civilisation protection protocols. Rasputin only gifted guardians with the Sleeper Simulant to leverage their abilities and defend Rasputin’s own assets.

Thank you for watching, that concludes this latest Destiny Lore episode. If you would like to support this channel leave the phrase, Midnight exigent, to represent the deactivation of Rasputin’s moral protocols, protocols that are still inactive. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.