Shiro-4: Why he wears House of Kings cape?

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In this age of Light and fire, simple skills still endure. Hunters embroider signs of war and loss on their cloaks. When an old Hunter wears a simple cloak, ask yourself where he got it, and what the cloth remembers. The Hunter cloak is more than a simply survival tool, it embodies the essence of Hunter, it symbolises where they have been and where they are going.

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing the Hunter Cape, and not just any Cape, Shiro-4’s cape, and why it has the Fallen House of Kings insignia stitched together in multiple pieces. Can I please ask a massive favour, if you enjoyed my Felwinter video comic book, please upvote it on the destiny community creations page, it would be a massive help to me. A link is in the description.

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To understand why Shiro-4’s cape has the House of Kings insignia stitched together, we need to first understand a bit about Shiro’s backstory, his main role in the Destiny universe.

Firstly, Shiro-4 is referred to as a Vanguard scout, this is confirmed in the Shiro-4 grimoire card which reads,

“Shiro-4 is one of the Vanguard’s most trusted scouts. Tasked with tracking and eliminating Fallen threats, Shiro has traditionally spent most of his time making runs between Earth, Luna and Venus- gathering intel and engaging in hit-and-run attacks on active Fallen crews.”

There are a couple of important pieces of information in this grimoire card, firstly, he is one of the most trusted scouts, meaning he is not only likely very good at this job but I also assume that he has been doing this for some time. The word, scout, implies he completes this mission solo, which would make sense for a Hunter, they typically will venture beyond the walls of the City alone, they are lone wolves.

However, the use of the word, scout is also slightly misleading, whilst he completes what I could include as typically scouting missions, such as gathering intel, he also does more than that, he completes hit and run attacks on “active” Fallen crews. So… there is a hint, that Shiro-4 is more than just a scout gathering intel, but he is actually engaging the enemy.

His side arm, the Trespasser reinforces this and implies that he also functions as an assassin. The trespasser grimoire card reads,

“You are not welcome.” –Unknown. “I beg to differ.” –Shiro-4. Trespasser is Shiro-4’s personal sidearm, kit-bashed over the uncounted cycles Shiro-4 spent braving the wilds beyond the City. This light, quick-fire shooter has ended more conversations than it has started. And will end many more before the last war is won.”

The ornaments for trespasser read,

“Fallen Assassin”


“Crucible Assassin”

There is no doubt in my mind that Shiro-4 is more than just a scout, information from the trespasser card implies he is a skilled assassin and I assume the reason why he is a trusted scout of the vanguard, is because they send him to kill high value fallen targets, active Fallen Crews.

One of the reasons to why Shiro-4 may be so proficient at being a scout/assassin, is his resourcefulness, his ability to enter the wilds, survive, and still kill his target. This is reinforced by the Shiro-4 card which reads,

“Shiro willingly aids the Vanguard whenever his skills are requested. This selflessness—combined with his talents for tracking, weapons-crafting, and combat—makes Shiro an invaluable extension of the Vanguard’s will beyond the City.”

Specifically, I want to focus on the resourcesfulness of weapons-crafting, considering Shiro is not a weapons-smith his considerably skill in weapons-crafting. As another fellow destiny youtube explained (Beard Grizzly), just take a look at the Trespasser, it is bits and pieces bashed together, obviously multiple parts from different guns put together to form a lethal weapon. Also remember, that Shiro actually fabricates, the exotic weapons, Outbreak Prime, the New Gjallarhorn and the Kvostov. These weapons are not your standard weapons, both Outbreak Prime and the Gjallarhorn are infused with SIVA.

Just listen to this paragraph from the grimoire card, Beauty in Destruction.

“The refubished Gjallarhorn carried into battle by the newest Iron Lord is a melding of new and old. The time-tested Crux and Lomar design combined flawlessly with Shiro’s modified SIVA tech.”

Shiro, recreated Gjallarhorn, infusing the design of SIVA, use he did have schematics, but the creation of these weapons, really emphasise Shiro’s pragmatic approach to solving problems, even when creating Outbreak Prime, he says things like, what is the worst outcome, it blows up in your face. SO you can imagine this trial and error approach to creating these weapons, but it perfectly suits the role of Shiro, venture beyond, on specific mission dictated by the Vanguard, survive, craft weapons as needed, and eliminate high value Fallen targets. And of course, Shiro does it with a little bit of cockiness and flare, like all Hunters, and mean just take a look at his chest piece, the Lucky Rasberry, the item description reads,

“> No one has ever died wearing me. # It’s true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.”

Shiro enters enemy territory, wearing armour that implies that he cant be killed, the armor would have left him if he as not worthy. The symbolism does not stop there, have you ever noticed the exotic perk symbol, be the danger, which is also etched into the handle of the Tresspasser, it looks very similar to the House of Judgements, emblems, one emblem is even called, “Judgment’s right hand”, quite fitting for a Fallen assassin, spin foil hats on, Shiro eliminating Fallen targets for House Judgment, aka, Variks. What are you up to Variks!!

Ok… ok we are getting much closer to understanding Shiro’s cape now, we have quite a detailed picture about who Shiro is, basically a badass Fallen Assassin.

So why the house of kings cape! Not only do we need to understand who Shiro is from what I just explained, but we also need to understand what a Hunter Cape represents, the Hunter cape represents many things. The Hunter cape, without doubt is the most important, defining feature of a Hunter, in fact, checking  your cape for damage even comes before checking yourself for bullet holes, the Grinder’s Cloak reads,

“First, check your cloak for damage. Second, inspect yourself for major wounds.”

Titans and Warlocks may perceive a hunter cape as simply a survival tool, a tool hunters use exploring the wilds for camouflage and myriad of other purposes. This is even reinforced by the Dustwalker Cloak which reads,

“A good survival cape can be used as a hull patch, bandage, tourniquet, pressure seal, picnic blanket.”

However, to a Hunter, the hunter cape is not just a survival tool, it represents who they are. It represents, a Hunters’  status, experience and history, as indicated by the Night Rain Cloak which reads,

 “Hunters constantly tweak and upgrade their armor. A cloak is the best mark of recognition.”

And the Cloak of Tekmor reads,

“When an old Hunter wears a simple cloak, ask yourself where she got it, and what the cloth remembers.”

So, just by looking at a Hunter’s cloak, if you know what to look for you, you can understand a Hunter’s status, history and experience. The Hunter cloak is so symbolic of the experience and knowledge of a Hunter, that is highly valued and passed down to other Hunters, a gesture of passing on years or even centuries of experience and knowledge, both victories and losses.

The cloak of Solitude reads,

“The tattered remnants of a lost veteran’s cloak, handed down as a reminder and a warning.”

And this the Hardcase Cloak reads,

“If you learn nothing else, learn this: when a Hunter takes up the cloak of a dead comrade, this is a vow.”

As you can see, even once a Hunter dies, their cloak lives on, representing their history, experience, lessons woven into the fabric, so much so, that to take on a dead Hunter’s cloak you enter a vow, a pledge, maybe that is one of revenge, or maybe something else, a specific Hunter commitment.

Given all this information, you would also expect that the Hunter cloak represents the enemies they have defeated in battle, a trophy representing their might and strength. This is reinforced by the Cloak of Atropos which reads,

“One boast goes, “When Cabal see my cloak, they flee.” Another goes, ‘Look at all these Dead Cabal!”

and the Nagari Cloak reads,

“In this age of Light and Fire, simple skills endure. Hunters embroider signs of war and loss on their cloaks.”

And don’t think that a Hunter’s cloak is limited to just enemies of the traveler, the All My Victims Cloak reads,

“Made from the torn cloaks of other Hunters. Other lesser Hunters.”

So to summarise, the Hunter cloak is not just a survival tool, it is a symbolic representation of a Hunter’s experience, knowledge, essence, a representation of the enemies they have defeated and a warning to anyone who dares to challenge them.

SO…. Now we have all the pieces of the puzzle to understand Shiro’s cape. It is a patchwork of the House of Kings insignia, which implies that primarily, Shiro killed, or likely, with his backstory, assassinated, many Fallen from the House of Kings. The stitches I believe represent multiple battles, as a cape represents the defeated enemies, I believe this cape speaks many words to the number of encounters that SHiro had with the Fallen House of Kings. Maybe this is going too far, but I would be happy to speculate that each panel, was a successful assassination of House of Kings member. Remember that the Fallen also wear capes, including Captains and Kells. In fact this is even reinforced by the Kellhunter’s Hood, which reads

“Here’s my plan to be Kell. Fallen seem to respect violence and big capes. I’m really violent, and I found this cape.”

So does Shio’s cape represent multiple assassinations on members of the Fallen House of Kings. Remember that the House of Kings, secretly controlled the House of Devils during the attacks on the city, at the Battle of Six Fronts and the Twilight gap, whilst this is not confirmed I do think this sepculaiton is reinforced by the Paskin, King Baron card reinforces this theory when it says,

“Their power is matched only by their cleverness. They rule the Devils from the shadows and came too close to toppling the City not once, but twice.”

For this reason, I honestly expected the House of Kings to make an appearance in Rise of Iron, as they true rulers over the House of Devils, I was shocked not to see more House of Kings lore, however maybe Bungie did include it, hiding in plain site on the back of Shiro-4,  the clues were always there, hidden amongst the stitches, House of Kings could not return, Hunters already knew that, Hunters recognised the Shiro wears the House of kings cape because he has assassinated many of their leaders, leaving the House in disarray, single-handedly dismantled by one of the greatest assassins ever seen amongst the vanguard, Shiro-4.

Thank you for watching, that concludes this latest destiny lore episode, PS.. the blue symbol on Shiro’s cloak… no idea what it represents, I tried searching all the emblems to see if I can find a match, symbol of Vanguard scout maybe… If you would like to support the channel, leave the word “Assassin” to represent Shiro-4 the greatest Fallen assassin the tower has ever seen.

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