Omnigul’s Return!

Character Lore


What will happen if I die? It suits me to consider this, for I am a great ally of death. Crota practices the inhabitation of death, and my work is, in ultima, to become synonymous with death, to die and in that dying live, so that if the universe comes to nothing then I will be a part of that nothing. I have died many times but these deaths were only temporary.

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing how Omnigul is brought back to life for the new Will of Crota Strike mission, to be released during the Dawning. It has been a busy week of Destiny Lore, with the release of Sleeper Simulant lore video, the new Nexus strike lore and a livestream with AnonPig discussing if classic raids are returning (those discussion did helped with making this video). The artwork at the beginning of this video was created by Brandon McCamey, please show your support by visiting his website and youtube channel. the Links are below. Finally, if you are watching within the first two hours of release, I will be over livestreaming on twitch. Link below.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

Before discussing how Omingul could return from death, let’s first talk about Omnigul’s purpose. During the battle for the moon, known as Mare Imbrium, many guardians battled Crota and lost, he seemed unbeatable. Even so, Crota’s power was not yet fully realised and his summoning to our reality was only temporary. After well and truly destroying Guardians on the moon, Crota did not continue with the conquest and returned back to his throne world. Why he did not just continue on and take Earth, I am not entirely sure, however there could be a couple of options.

Like I said before, maybe Crota’s Soul was only summoned into our reality temporarily before returning back to his throne world. Secondly, I have a vague recollection of reading a card that spoke about Oryx summoning Crota back to the throne world, so he was recalled by his father. However, I could not find this grimoire card. If you know anything about this area please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Regardless, for whatever reason, Crota did not remain in our reality for long and for the most part resided in his throne world. Omingul’s main objective is to summon Crota back into our reality, to finish taking Earth. For those who remember the campaign mission of the Dark Below, this was the main objective, which ended in the Wakening, where we destroyed the crystal containing Crota’s soul on the moon.

Omnigul’s primary role of orchestrating Crota’s summoning ritual is reinforced by the Will of Crota grimoire card which reads, “Omnigul is the last of Crota’s generals. She is the architect of her master’s wakening. She’ll spawn countless armies to feed his will. As long as she lives… the threat of Crota’s return will always haunt this world. Track her down, and exterminate every Hive that stands in your way.“ – Eris Morn

As you likely also noticed, Omnigul seems to have another role and that is to spawn an army. Omnigul is in fact referred to as the “keeper of the worms” and “mother of his spawn.” So it also seems that she has the ability to create Hive armies in our reality. Lastly, Omnigul had a notable role in invading a warmind bunker in the mission “Siege of the Warmind”, with the grimoire card of the same name confirming that we do not know what the Hive took from this bunker, it reads,

“The Hive know the power of Rasputin, they’ve fought him on many fronts. But this attack seemed targeted. There was some kind of purpose in this, one that I can’t seem to follow. You stopped them from tearing apart this arm of the Warmind, but perhaps Omnigul found what she sought. It’s not like her to run from a feast of Light.”

To summarise the role of Omnigul, she was tasked with pathing the way for the Hive invasion of Earth, not only summoning an army but summoning Crota himself to our reality to finish the battle that was started long ago.
Now lets move onto how Omnigul could return from the dead. Firstly, I think it important to note that other Hive entities have returned from death with little explanation, Ir Yut, The deathsinger is the most known example of this. We kill Ir Yut the deathsinger in Crota’s End raid, for her to only later return in the mission  “Last Rites” seen in the throne room with the Deathsingers performing a death ceremony for Crota, which I will talk about. Whilst Ir Yut’s return is unexpected, specifically due to her death in Crota’s throne world, it may imply the deathsingers have other mechanisms that allow them to return from death.

The best way to understand how Omnigul might return from the dead is to look at how death works amongst the Hive, which is all to do with the Hive Throne Worlds. For the Hive to be truly killed they must be killed in their Throne world.

After the Hive made a symbiotic pact with the Worm Gods, something unique happened upon Auryx’s first death. His Sister, Sathona, later to become Savathun, betrayed Auryx, killing him, however he did not completely die.

Verse 2:7 The Weakness Verse of the Books of Sorrows says this,

“You are dead, young Auryx. Betrayed and murdered by your own sister, for the crime of mercy… Your body is gone, but you have endured. Safe in the cyst universe created by your own might — your throne world. From this day forward, Auryx, you and your sisters will each survive death — so long as you aren’t killed in your own throne.”

For whatever reason, when Oryx was first killed, following his symbiotic pact with the worms, he resisted death, his might was so strong that it created a throne world, an afterlife that he could inhabit. He could only be truly killed, if he was killed in his own throne world, his own afterlife essentially.

Verse 3:1 an Incision from the Books of Sorrow, contains the best explanation of the Hive Throne worlds. IN this verse, Savathun discovers that they can travel to their own throne spaces using Sword logic and cutting wounds in space, i.e portals created using sword logic. Simplified, the Throne world, is essential the Hive’s version of their afterlife, the place they go upon death, each Hive god had their own afterlife realm, Oryx, Savathun and Xivu Arath. Savathun discovered a way to travel to the afterlife without necessarily dying and that was by using the Sword logic and cutting wounds in space. The Incision grimoire card provides the most accurate description of the Hive netherworlds, the card reads:

 “SAVATHÛN said, Auryx my brother and king, I have studied the wounds cut by the Worm our God. Also I have studied the manner of your death and return. These two things are the same, for they are predicated on death and the passage through cut spaces. Let us practice the sword logic until we are sharp. We may then cut our own wounds and step through.

But XIVU ARATH said, sister, I am already sharp, look, my sword cuts into another space. And she cut her way between moons through green fire and joyous screams.

Three kingdoms grew swollen in the sword space. They were the gaze and glory of AURYX, the cunning and knowledge of SAVATHÛN, the triumph and brawn of XIVU ARATH. These kingdoms were created from the minds and worms of our lords. They were coterminous with all spaces consecrated by our Hive. Through these spaces passed speech and food, and all the moons were bound close.

Sayeth AURYX, this is where I went when I died. Let us establish our thrones here. For I am Auryx the First Navigator and I shall chart death. And my throne shall be carved of osmium.”

Oryx’s kingdom, throne space, netherworld, whatever you want to call would later become the Dreadnaught. So to kill Oryx once and for all, we must board the dreadnaugt and kill Oryx in his Throne World. The same deal applies to Crota. After preventing Omnigul from summoning him to our reality, we enter the Raid, Crota’s end, enter Crota’s realm and defeat him once and for all.

Often within their throne spaces, the Hive place other mechanisms to ensure they are not defeated, the Oversoul is an example of this. The Oversoul was a technique created by the Deathsingers and allowed the Hive to hide their ascendant soul within it, enhancing death resilience.

So, we know that to kill the Hive Gods you have to defeat them in their throne world, however, if you just defeat them in the material world, what is the process of summoning them back. The Books of Sorrow provide some explanation to how to the Hive return from their Throne world. Oryx kills both Savathun and Xivu Arath in his own throne world and then is able to return his brother and sister through actions of war and cunningness.

Verse 3:9 Carved in Ruin of the Books of Sorrows, reads

“Oryx made war on thee Ecumene for a hundred years. At the end of those hundred years he killed the Ecumene Council on the Fractal Wreath, and from their blood rose Xivu Arath, saying, “I am war, and you have conjured me back with war.”

“Then Oryx and Xivu Arath made war on the Ecumene for forty years. At the end of those forty years Oryx said to the Dakaua Nest, listen, I am jealous of my sibling Xivu Arath, help me kill her. And in desperation they agreed. But he drove the Dakaua Nest into a trap, and they were made extinct. From their ashes rose cunning Savathûn, saying, “I am trickery, and you have conjured me back with trickery.”

So, to apply all of this knowledge to Omnigul’s return,  for Omnigul to have returned she should have her own throne world, which she returned to after we killed her upon Earth and then I assume a Hive entity conjured her back through some action that truly represented Omnigul, just like War represented Xivu Arath and trickery represented Savathun.

To our knowledge, Omnigul did not have a throne world, so there could be another explanation to this, just like how Ir Yut returned. In addition, the Last Rites mission does seem to suggest there is another place in addition to the Hive netherworld, or maybe that the Deathsingers were working on way revive Crota even though he was killed in his throne world.

The in game dialogue for last rites reads,

“Not a funeral, a death ceremony. Crota’s essence is being prepared for the next realm… The Deathsingers! They are preparing Crota’s soul for the next realm. Follow their cry.  It was just as this when I walked in the dark. Their wretched songs in the wind as Eriana fell…”

I really don’t know what this means and what it means when it refers to the next realm, this mission takes place in Crota’s throne world, so what realm are they preparing him for. Remember that we did not necessarily stop this ritual, we did interrupt it, we did capture a portion of Crota’s essence (which we used to become ascendant and enter Oryx’s throne world), however it is entirely possible that the Deathsingers continued the ritual post our hasty escape.

Maybe there is another mechanic in play that assisted with the resurrection of Omnigul, however we are just unaware of it and maybe it has something to do with this realm.

In summary, the return of Omnigul is very possible from understanding the lore of the Hive, however, it does not have previous evidence that she had this ability, i.e. Omnigul having her own throne world and being summoned back to Earth.

Either way, the new Nexus strike and the Will of Crota are closely tied to the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. Do these new strike missions indicate a return of the Vanilla raids? I think so.

Once again, thank you for watching, if you would like to support the channel but cannot think of a comment, leave the phrase, “Omni-throne” to represent Omnigul’s non-existent throne world which should exist to allow her return from death. Once again it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.