Nexus Strike? Canon or Not?

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Nexus strike

Deep in the Vault of Glass, the fabric of reality bends to the will of the Vex. Warlocks speak in tones of awe of the Gorgons – creatures that seem to possess a dreaded, almost unimaginable strength: an ontological weapon.

The Gorgons’ ability must be tied to the nature of the Vault of Glass. We can take some solace in the clear fact that the Vex cannot manifest this power in the world outside.

Welcome back Guardians, today we are discussing something slightly different yet still with a Lore aspect and that is the re-mastered strike mission, the Nexus, that will be released with the Dawning on the 13th of December.

With the release of the Dawning, The Nexus Mind, Will of Crota (a.k.a Omingul) and The Shadow Thief (a.k.a Taniks) have had additional mechanics and/or enemies included, specifically the Taken and SIVA. Today, I wanted to take a look a closer look at whether the Nexus strike had any justification from a Lore point of view and whilst the new grimoire cards are not yet available, the in-game dialogue during the new missions provide some insight.

Hopefully, this video will provide some clarification to whether the new strike mission fits well with the foundational lore of Destiny or if the re-skinned material a little bit off. Obviously, if you do not want to know anything about these new strikes mission, I suggest leaving now, as this video will contain spoilers. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore critique episode??

First off, let me say that new content is always welcome and this is by no means complaining about new content but more so exploring Destiny’s most common criticism, i.e. the story. And for those who have watched previous Bungie live streams you likely got the impression, as I did, that the story is created in parallel with game mechanics, i.e. the story is not written first, whilst the rest of the team take a break, and then the team makes the game after the story is written, it is a dynamic process with both the writing team and the developers creating content at the same time, consequently mechanics do not always have a lore justification.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the new Nexus strike mission. The general lore surrounding the Nexus, is that the Nexus is a world eating machine that has the ability to convert planets into part of the Vex network. This is reinforced by the Sekrion, Nexus Mind grimoire card which reads,

“Sekrion oversees the expansion of the Vex network through the crust of Venus… Destroying Sekrion should significantly hamper the Vex effort to incorporate the entire planet into their network”

I imagine that if we did not stop Sekrion, Venus would end up looking a lot like Mecury, as the Vex consumed Mercury. The new Nexus strike mission has been updated with two alternative endings, one includes Taken enemies and the Vault of Glass Aegis Relic and the other is the Standard Nexus mind, however with the Vault of Glass, “Marked by the Void” mechanic. Whist the new mechanics act as a way to increase the variety of gameplay, Cayde also explains that the Vex have taken technology straight from the Vault of Glass. He says,

“And listen to this, scouts report that the Vex have upgraded the Nexus mind with tech from the vault of glass”.

I assume the Tech, refers to the 360 degree shield that surrounds the Nexus Mind, identical to the Templar’s shield, the Aegis relic, which is used to disable the shield, the ability to Mark guardians with the Void and the corresponding pools of light which cleanse them.

It is difficult to find a logical reason to why the Vex would bring back the Aegis Relic. The Aegis Relic was created by Kabr, a fireteam member of Praedyth and Pahanin, who ventured into the Vault of Glass. Kabr made the relic in his dying moments using his own light and material from the Vex.

We used the relic to disable the Templar’s shield in the Vault of Glass, ultimately allowing us to kill the Templar. So why would the Vex take this from the VoG and arm guardians with it in the Nexus strike? The only explanation I can think of, is that the Vex armed Guardians so that they could destroy the Taken Nexus mind, remember in this scenario Sekrion is already Taken, we know from the Books Of Sorrow that the Vex have always had a hard time defeating the Taken, well defeating Oryx, so maybe once again they have leveraged the abilities of Guardians by providing the Relic and allowing them to defeat the Taken Nexus mind. Even so, I do think this theory is a bit of a stretch, and I think it more likely that this is the case of game mechanics being prioritised over the lore.

However, the

“Marked by the Void”

mechanic has far more interesting implications. In the Vault of Glass, when Aethon opens the timestream and sends guardians back in time, you are marked by the void. The abilities that the Vex possess inside the Vault of Glass are meant to remain inside the Vault. The Vex are trying to extrapolate their powers to our world, to merge themselves with the fabric of the universe but previously have been unsuccessful The Gorgon’s grimoire card says

“We can take some solace in the clear fact that the Vex cannot manifest this power in the world outside.”

So with the new Nexus strike, we now see previous Vex abilities from the Vault occurring in our world/reality. From a lore point of view, this is quite a jump in Vex technology and is definitely cause for concern for the Vanguard. What I find the most interesting, is this does provide a pathway for Vault of Glass to be remade, it gives a reason for Guardians to re-enter the Vault of Glass to stop the Vex from using anymore of its power. To make Vault of Glass relevant again, all they would need to do is introduce a Vault of Glass that exists in a different timeline, which is where the Vex are drawing power from and using in the nexus, and therefore we must go there and stop the Vex from extracting anymore VoG tech.

To summarise the first two points before moving on, the addition of Kabr’s relic does not quite suit the lore but in general VoG tech being used outside of the Vault of Glass, like “Marked by the void”, has some big implications for the growing power of the Vex.

Let’s move onto the inclusion of the Taken in the new Nexus strike. The most obvious question is how are the Taken still be created in the absence of Oryx? The in-game dialogue provides some clarity to this, it says:

“Hold on, I am reading massive numbers of taken, it’s an invasion, usually all you see out here is Vex. – Cayde. Remember when the scholars said that the taken would not be any trouble once we killed the king, maybe they should grab a weapon and come out here – Cayde. Their leadership has filtered downward, take out the Captains guardian- Ikora. Taken have been aimless since their kings demise. For them to concentrate their forces here, mean they understand the value of the nexus mind- Ikora.”

Ikora basically implies that someone else has taken the Hive leadership and we can only assume that whoever has done that has the ability to “take” enemies. To understand how plausible this is, you need to be able to understand how Oryx would make the Taken. Oryx only gained the power to take, after killing the Worm God Akka and creating the Tablets of Ruin. He then used the Tablets of Ruin to commune directly with the Deep/The Darkness, which then gave him the ability to make “Taken enemies”.

SO, I don’t think it is as simply as the leadership filtering down to the next in-line, and for new taken enemies to have been created, whoever has taken Oryx’s place must be in possession of the Tablets of Ruin and communed with the Darkness to understand how to create the “Taken”.

Bungie will eventually have to provide clarity to who is making new Taken enemies, unless they decide to no longer include Taken enemies, which I think is highly unlikely.

As it stands and without having read the new grimoire card for the Nexus strike, Bungie has done much of the same, the lore introduced in this strike through in-game dialogue is general enough to be plausible, and not only plausible but actually hold great influence over Destiny’s storyline, such as Guardians returning to the Vault of Glass, the Vex manifesting powers outside of the Vault of Glass and someone claiming the Hive throne with Taken abilities similar to Oryx, YET for a player that does not read the grimoire cards, I think many will still be left scratching their head trying to understand the relevance to Destiny’s storyline.

All I can hope is that these deep and intricate aspects of the lore are better delivered in game in the future and in the meantime, the new Nexus strike grimoire card at least hints at some of these larger plotlines involving the Vex and Taken.

Thank you for watching and if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase, “Return of VoG” to acknowledge how the new Nexus strike may provide reason to return to the Vault of Glass. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games, peace.