Fenchurch Everis went inside the Traveler?

Character Lore

Fenchurch Everis

“Such simplicity. Such contours! Been inside the Traveler, you know. Smells faintly of vanilla.”- Fenchurch Everis

Welcome back guardians, today we are talking about the eccentric artist, designer, explorer and guardian who has claimed to have been inside the Traveler, Fenchurch Everis. He is the only Guardian I know that has claimed to have been inside the Traveler, and for that reason I am intrigued to discover his story, hence this lore video.

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Fenchurch Everis is a really interesting character that I have overlooked for some time, so lets start with who he is. The Eververse grimoire card confirms that Fenchurch is a Guardian, it reads,

“Tess Everis is always on the lookout for new opportunities. So when she crossed paths with the infamously eccentric artist, designer, explorer and Guardian who became known as Fenchurch Everis, Tess knew an opportunity when she saw it.”

Considering that Fenchurch is Guardian, I assume he was revived by a Ghost. The Silver grimoire card may in fact describe when Fenchurch was very first risen. Have a listen,

“Old Neville here woke me in the Martian wastes. Utterly alone, with nothing but our wits— and a lone, silvered coin buried in the sand beside me. This very coin, in fact. What could it signify? A mysterious message? A sign of royal birthright? A key to some ancient puzzle? For all my many adventures, this answer yet eludes me”

This paragraph has some interesting components, firstly, “Old Neville”, is Neville Fenchurch’s Ghost? We do know that Ghost actually have names, in the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: Ghosts 2, two ghosts still looking for their guardians have a conversation, one is named


and the other


So this card may imply, that Fenchurch’s ghost is called Neville, and first revived Fenchurch in the Martian wastes, which I assume is referring to Mars.

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Anyway, back to the story. The silver coin that Fenchurch finds next to him is an important part of the lore. The Silver grimoire card would go on to explain that Silver, was a currency used by Reef Settlements, before the Collapse. Remember that if it was prior to the collapse, the Reef settlements are not Awoken, the Awoken were created after the collapse, so these Reef Settlements are likely humans that colonized the Reef during the Golden Age.

However, Silver would also later be referred to as an

“Awoken crypto-currency”

in the Eververse grimoire card. My best interpretation of this is that, Silver existed as a Reef settlement currency before the collapse; following the collapse and the creation of the Awoken, the Awoken claimed that currency for themselves, because they occupied the Reef.

The interesting thing about silver, is that it has

“engram like qualities”

and can be digitally signed with

“an individual person’s key”.

This basically means that you can determine who the Silver belongs to and this is how Fenchurch met Tess Everis. The Silver coin that Fenchurch finds, when he is revived by his ghost on mars, is cryptographically the same as Tess Everis, this lead Fenchurch to believe that they are related, which is why Fenchurch took Tess’s last name, Everis.

Have a listen to the Silver grimoire card;

“Tess Everis, born in the City after her parents fled the Reef, counts among her most prized possessions an old Silver coin that belonged to her Reefborn grandmother. As the Silver was cryptographically unique, she was stunned to meet an Awoken Warlock named Fenchurch who possessed around his neck a Silver coin of his own, signed with the exact same key as Tess’s.

 Like all Guardians, Fenchurch has no memories before the first time his Ghost resurrected him. But their Silver coins’ shared origin leads Tess and Fenchurch to suspect that they are related.

Fenchurch instantly took to thinking of Tess as a long-lost niece, even assuming her surname, Everis. Tess loves the Silver that her new partnership with Fenchurch brings— but, though she’d never admit it, she secretly values her newfound family even more.”

As you likely noticed, this grimoire card also reveals that Fenchurch is an Awoken Warlock. After Fenchurch and Tess met, bonding over their family linked Silver coins, they started a business together, Eververse Trading Co. In the Eververse grimoire card, it implies that the items sold at the kiosk have originated from Fenchurch’s exploration and discoveries.

Have a listen to the Eververse grimoire card:

“He brings the creative flair: roving the planetary wastes, gathering rare antiquities, crafting vibrantly new pieces, sharing new customs and techniques. She handles everything else, from business to marketing to managing the often-wayward talent.

Tess brokers Fenchurch’s unique finds and offerings to Guardians of the Tower under the banner of the
“Eververse Trading Co.” Dealing exclusively in a rare Awoken crypto-currency called “Silver”, Eververse is the first major merchant in the City that is unapologetically dedicated to style above substance.”

So yes, it seems that the item we can purchase from Eververse are the discoveries of Fenchurch, and the card even implies that the Dance moves/emotes are new cultures and techniques that Fenchurch has discovered. The Chroma grimoire card reinforces that Fenchurch is the Chief Creative officer at Eververse trading co, it reads,

“This Golden Age lighting technique was recently rediscovered by no other than Eververse’s chief creative officer Fenchurch Everis. Using multi-channel heat sinks to accentuate Guardian weapons and armor, Chroma is a style for the fiercely, fearlessly fashionable.”

This sounds all pretty harmless at this point in time, Fenchurch is this eccentric, creative guardian, just trying to make a quick buck with some new dance moves and hand gestures, however there may also be a darker more intriguing side to Fenchurch.

I question, why do they only deal in this “rare Awoken crypto-currency, called Silver”? Well, if you remember back, at one point in time, Everese sold Taken armour, the Taken Armour was developed by using Techeuns to extract Taken power from enemies that the Queen’s Wrath trapped in the Prison of Elders. This armour is dangerous to Guardians, yet full scale production was still approved. Have a listen to the Taken Power grimoire which describes the Techeuns transferring Taken power from their experimental subjects. It reads,

“- Transferred Taken power has a throughput rate of [redacted] which is obviously lower than we want. Transfer still results in incredibly potent arms and armor, so for the moment this ‘noise’ is acceptable. Future improvements to the process will attempt to up the throughput rate.

– Supply was initially raised as concern during trials, but whatever measures House Judgment has put into place to stock the Prison also assures numerous sources of Taken power. Coordination between House Judgment and production is an ongoing task.

– The Queen’s Wrath has already stated she will handle the diplomatic side of this discussion. Legwork during initial trials raised the possibility the Vanguard would have concerns about the moral aspect of this technology, but the Wrath has stated it will not be an issue.

– High frequency sound baffling for production facilities is still being installed. Taken screams can shatter plastics and burst blood vessels if not baffled, and at full-scale production that kind of auditory byproduct will be a constant.

So essentially, Variks is stocking the Prison of Elders with Taken subjects, who are being drained of their power by the Techeuns and transferred into amour and weapons, the armour of which was then being sold through Eververse Trading Co, who deal exclusively in Awoken currency. This arms-dealer like relationship with the Reef is highly suspicious for a company that is quote

“unapologetically dedicated to style above substance. In a society wracked by near-constant war, Tess believes beauty for beauty’s sake is a revolutionary idea.”

Well, it seems that Eververse is selling more than just cosmetic products. The mysterious and intrigue surrounding Fenchurch does not stop there, he seems to have knowledge of the Traveler, the Speaker and the Vex. As I opened this video with, the Traveler’s mask reads

“Such simplicity. Such contours! Been inside the Traveler, you know. Smells faintly of vanilla.” —Fenchurch Everis”

He has encountered the Vex as the Tiger Mask reads,

“In the Vex’s time conflux I befriended a being with this striking visage. He was noble, brave, and bestial.” —Fenchurch Everis”

Say what you want about that description, not only a reference to being in the Vex time conflux but meeting a Tiger.

He somewhat criticizes the Speaker, the item description for the Speaker’s mask reads,

“In my travels I have learned that speaking is much easier than listening.”

He brags that the Legendary engram was named after him, The Legendary Engram mask reads,

“Yes, it’s true—the Legendary Engram was named after me.”

And in fact, there could be some truth to that, as he does describe Master Rahool as an old friend.

Despite all these records, we are still left wondering whether these are all lies and exaggerations from an overly eccentric guardian, or the truth. Truth or lie, I would be extremely cautious is dismissing the power and influence of the Eververse Trading Company, as the special orders grimoire card reads, a word in the ear of Tess Everis can open doors in surprising places.

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