Eris’s Rock = Toland’s Soul?

Character Lore

Eris Morn (the rock)

“I hear… whispers in the dark… Fingertips on the surface of my mind! Whispers are louder… I will endure… They speak a word… a name… he is here..”

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing Eris’s morns Rock… what is it and what is it’s function? This script was created with the assistance of AnonPig, he is a co-host for the destiny lore cast and his twitter link is below. As usual, the artwork was created by Brandon McCamey, a link to his website is also below, if you want to pick up any of his artwork destiny or non-destiny related.

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Let’s start with what we actually know about Eris’s rock. Firstly, it is identical in appearance to that of a Tomb Husk. Tomb Husk’s were introduced in the Taken King and guardians use them to open Hive doors or as seen in the Last Rites mission, summon a bridge in Crota’s throne world.

The best description of a tomb husk comes from the mission Lost to Light, in the mission, you access Toland’s journal and actually hear Toland say,

“It has long been my belief that the binds which hold the greatest Hive terrors could be lifted by releasing the energy stored within their tomb husks.”

So now we know that Tomb Husks contain powerful energy that can be released. However, the way this sentence is worded, “it has long been my belief” and it “could” be used to release the binds, gives me the impression that this is not the only use for a tomb husk, we the guardian, use it in this way however that is because Toland has suggested this, the Hive might use it in another way, or the Tomb Husk might have multiple functions. As I said before, we also use it to activate the bridge in the last rites mission. My general interpretation of a Tomb Husk is that it contains concentrated energy that can be released to interact with other Hive technologies, for example binds or locks and bridges.

Whilst it is not confirmed that Eris’s rock is a Tomb Husk, there is a bounty that is called Husk Reaper, where we have to collect Husk Shards for Eris Morn, this could indicate that it is a Tomb Husk and we are collecting Husk Shards for Eris, with her storing this energy inside the rock.

The bounty requires you to kill Hive at any location and reads,

“The filth you collect holds no real value other than to remind the Hive that your Light is to be feared.” -Eris

However, upon completion it says this,

“Thank you. For me these are quite the treasure.”- Eris.

Eris makes it quite obvious that the Husk Shards, collected from defeated Hive are only valuable to her, for me these are quite the treasure, and I cant help but think it has something to do with her tomb husk looking “rock”.

The speculation that Eris is collecting Hive energy, in the form of Husk Shards from fallen Hive, and storing it within her rock become more plausible if we dissect the word “Tomb Husk”. Tomb means, an enclosure for a corpse cut in the earth or rock. The real world meaning of Husk, being the dry outer covering of fruits or seeds, I believe is a reference to the Hive’s outer layer, their hollow appearance, hence Husk Shards, fragment from dead Hive.

So if we put all this information together, Eris’s rock looks like a Tomb Husk, there is a bounty that has us collect Husk Shards for her, the definition of Tomb and Husk, it gives the impression that Eris Morn is charging or increasing the energy of her rock through having guardians collect fragments from dead Hive.

Why she is doing this, I am not too sure, however, I do think that the energy she is collecting may be what provides Eris with extraordinary abilities, for example, she teleports guardians during the last rites mission, a particularly surprising and powerful ability. Maybe she was able to release the energy from the Tomb Husk and use it.

We can actually take this spin-foil hat theory in a slightly different but equally interesting direction. For this theory we need to understand what Hive put inside rocks, or more accurately what Hive put inside crystals?? Yep, Hive souls. Crota’s soul was trapped in a crystal during the final mission, the wakening, we destroyed the Crystal to prevent Crota from being summoned to our reality. We also return to that same area, to retrieve a chunk of crystal to fill with Crota’s soul, that is in the Last Rites mission when we interrupt Crota’s death ceremony. The Crystal we fill with a portion of Crota’s soul allows us to pretend to be ascendant and enter Oryx’s throne world.

There is also evidence that it is not just ascendant souls kept within crystals, but even lesser hive been had their souls kept in crystals. A Ghost Scan confirms this and says,

“Another soul confined in crystal. I thought only ascendant Hive bore the honor of being trapped in rock for centuries, but this is a lesser Hive. Must have been a hard worker.”

The way that I consider Hive crystals, is the Crystal containing the Hive Soul is what connects their netherworld to our reality, with the right ceremony, incantation, the Hive can be summoned from their netherworld to our dimension. That is why Crota’s Soul is in the crystal on the mission the wakening, and why there is a large crystal in the Crota’s throne world, that is what connects both worlds and also you probably noticed once we destroy one crystal both are lost, for example, when you go back into Crota’s throne in the mission last rites, the crystal is now missing.

So… is Eris holding someone’s soul, waiting for the right moment to summon them back from the Hive netherworld. She is the bridge, she is the connection to the netherworld for this being. The idea that Eris is connected to someone in the Hive netherworld is reinforced by the fact, the rock speaks to her.

In the cutscene following completion of the coming war, Eris approaches the Vanguard, after Cayde-6 kindly asks Eris to remove her rock from the map, Eris says,

“It hasn’t spoken since Crota fell. It speaks now because Oryx has arrived. Come to fulfil the final covenant of his son.”

Eris’s rock speaks to her, what it says we cannot be certain of, however, I get the impression that the whoever is communicating with Eris was providing a warning, warning Eris of Oryx’s arrival. In fact, believe the whispers that Eris hears is being transmitted through her rock.

During the Coming War mission Eris says this in game

“I hear… whispers in the dark… Fingertips on the surface of my mind! Whispers are louder… I will endure… They speak a word… a name… he is here..”

Whilst we cant be 100% certain that the whispers haunting Eris is originating from her rock, or being transmitted through the rock, I do think it reasonable to speculate that when Eris says that

“it speaks now because Oryx has arrived”

that this connected to the whispers she hears when we encounter oryx for the very first time in the Taken King.

I am aware that I have speculation stacked upon speculation, however, if you would like to keep diving down this rabbit hole, lets continue. If you accept that someone is speaking to Eris, through the rock, warning her of Oryx’s arrival, so that she could inform the vanguard… and consequently prepare guardians.. who would it be…well I am sure you have already guessed that the most likely candidate would be Toland. Is she safe guarding Toland’s soul.

There are a couple of reasons to why this would make sense. Toland was the one of the initial members of Eris’s Morns fireteam who attempted to kill Crota, he was recruited by Eris Morn and Eriana-3 due to his immense knowledge of the Hive. He was the one who told the team of the Hive’s throne world system and how to truly defeat Crota. However, Toland’s motives for joining Eris Morn’s fireteam is still questioned, because it appeared that he was more concerned with learning the Death singers song from Ir Yut, a song upon learning that killed him. It is implied that Toland is now in the Hive overworld in the  Ghost Fragment: the Hellmouth

I, too, am detached from my source. The charming Ir Yût made her introductions, and I was very pleased to meet her. We had a conversation, a little tête-à-Yût, a couple old wizards exchanging definitions.

I defined myself a friend. She defined for me the quiddity of death, and she sang the song of that fearful autonomy. Revelation, my friends, it does go down hard. The definition killed me. The killing redefined me.

This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die.

Now I fly between green-black suns in the labyrinth beyond Crota’s god-star. This is the Overworld, the Sea of Screams, where the throne-universes of the great Hive fester in eternal majesty. I move among them. I map the shapes and connections of this world.

If you are familiar with the lore, you will also know that there are a number of grimoire cards that are considered to be messages from Toland, messages from the Hive overworld. However, we have never known how we have come to receive these messages.

I speculate that Eris has been able to communicate with Toland through the rock, which is a fragment, if not the entirety of Toland’s soul. Eris will be the one to pull Toland back from netherworld… once she has collected enough energy from defeated Hive, aka Husk Shards. How did Eris learn about this technique, well like everything else, she learnt it from Toland’s journal. In the Lost to light mission, Eris says this

“Hold fast to Toland’s journal. It saw me through my time in the Dark.”

It implies that Eris only survived her time trapped in the Hellmouth due to the knowledge she gained from Toland’s journal, Eris possess strange and different powers that are not seen in any other character, for example, in the last rites mission teleportation example.

Consequently, is the rock that Eris carries around, a creation from Toland’s journal, did Toland provide the instructions for this, did Toland leave a bread crumb trail for Eris to discover his ultimate plan, he always intended on meeting the deathsinger and dying, maybe during his conversation with the deathsinger he discovered a way to enter the Hive netherworld upon death, he wanted to go there, because he knew Oryx was a larger threat than Crota, he needed to infiltrate enemy lines and map the Hive overworld, BUT this would be completely redundant unless he had a way to return or communicate with our world… so he left his soul behind bound in crystal that Eris discovered in her years trapped in the Hellmouth., and the map was toland;s journal.

When the time is right, Eris will summon Toland back to our reality… she is already begun collecting the energy required to perform such a ritual… and who knows… maybe we will one day sit down with toland… have a conversation, a little tête-à- tête, a couple old wizards exchanging definitions.

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