Did any Iron Lords survive?

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Iron Lords

I stood at the edge of Lords’ Watch and watched the enemy ~consume enhance replicate~.

SIVA curled and thrashed, creating tendrils that lashed out at us. It formed shapes that could grapple us, and angry swarms that buzzed around us before breaking apart to worm their way into every chink of our armor.

Warlords I know how to fight. This is ~consume enhance replicate~
I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want… ~consume enhance replicate~

Ghost? Ghost, where are you?

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing the ending of the Rise of Iron campaign. If you have not completed the campaign, then you may want to leave now, as this will contain spoilers.

After completing the campaign mission, many were left wondering, “What ever happened to the other Iron Lords?” We know that Nine Iron lords made it to the SIVA replication chamber, however in the final battle, we are only presented with 3 resurrected or Remnant Iron Lords, Felwinter, Jolder and Gheleon. Where are the others?

I was secretly hoping that the other Iron Lords would emerge with the Raid, however unfortunately that did not hold any answers. Hence, I hoped the grimoire cards would hold some secrets and maybe some of them did survive. Like most of the Destiny lore, there is no real conclusions hear, however I do think there is possibility that more SIVA controlled Iron Lords survived. Whilst there is a possibility of this occurring, I think it unlikely and the obvious answer is the remaining Iron lords (except Saladin) died in Jolder’s explosion. Regardless, I have had this question a couple of times and thought it worth a closer look.

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Let’s being. The final battle of Rise of Iron takes place in the Replication Chamber or also known as the Iron Tomb. This is where SIVA is produced. Willa Bray, the daughter of Clovis Bray, led a team of scientists to create SIVA and the replication chamber.

This is confirmed in Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2 and Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5. Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2 reads,

“What I’ve been working on will solve all those problems. Developed in these laboratories built to my specifications, by my handpicked team, these nanites will double, triple, maybe even quadruple construction rates, reduce colonist casualties, and serve us in our spread across the system, then across the stars. Our first replication chamber sits beside the Cosmodrome, ready to outfit the colony ships. Dr. Willa Bray herself came to congratulate me.”

The Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5 reads

“What do you have to report, Dr. Zhang? Full functionality of the test nanites in our two hundred tasks across multiple trials and environments. They’ll be what Clovis Bray is remembered for, hundreds of years from now. All that’s left is construction of the replication chamber and initiation of production.


Notice how the last sentence has the initial WB, indicating a memory of Willa Bray.

There is a relatively convoluted relationship between SIVA, Rasputin and the Iron Lords, I do believe that Rasputin controlled SIVA at one stage however it eventually went dormant. This is reinforced by the SIVA grimoire card which reads,

“We must reopen all previous entries on SIVA. What we once believed to be a colonial tool of the Warminds, destroyed long ago, appears to be active again. This time, there is no sign of any active Rasputin networks.”

There is actually a bunch of information about Rasputin and SIVA that I missed in my last video and will cover it in a new video, however if you want to discover it for yourself, I suggest you read the new raid armor very carefully.

Regardless, of the SIVA/Warmind relationship, the Iron Lords sought SIVA following the collapse as they believed it could save them. Lord Timur was the one that led the lords to the discovery of SIVA.

Rasputin was defending the SIVA replication chamber, for reasons still unknown to us and many of the Iron Lords died. Lord Saladin says,

“SIVA had been lost to time. When Timur tracked it to the Cosmodrome, thought our quest was finally over. SIVA would be ours for the taking. Rasputin responded. More than a hundred Iron Lords entered the Plaguelands. In the end, only nine reached the replication chamber.”

So who are the Nine Iron lords that made it to the chamber. We are assume it is the founding Iron Lords.

  1. Jolder

  2. Gheleon

  3. Felwinter

  4. Saladin

  5. Perun

  6. Timur

  7. Skorri

  8. Silimar

  9. Radegast

Efrideet is not included because I believe she had already left the Iron Lords and that is story for another time.

We would be logical to assume that all the Iron Lords, (with the exception of Saladin) perished inside the replication chamber, as Jolder set off the explosion. However, Saladin says in the opening cutscene,

“Some know the legend. But no one truly knows how the Iron Lords died their final deaths.”

This puts doubt on whether all of the Iron Lords died, combining this with only seeing three Iron Lords in the final battle encourages extreme suspicion.

Furthermore, it appears that the Dormant SIVA clusters Iron Lords 2.0 to 2.9 document the final moments of the Iron Lords as they approach the replication chamber, however it does not confirm their death but rather reinforces that they were infected by SIVA.

Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.0 reads,

“The struggle. Fighting my brother. Fighting myself. The SIVA ~consume enhance replicate~. A tendril reaches out, crushes my Ghost. I turn to face it. My boots slide in snow thick with blood. If I am gone, then why am I still here? ~SIVA.MEM.??0308”

This card demonstrates that the Iron Lord lost his/her ghost however remains alive, with their ghost removed maybe SIVA was able to take control. The Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.8 also demonstrates an Iron Lord losing their ghost to SIVA, it reads,

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want… ~consume enhance replicate~ Ghost? Ghost, where are you? ~SIVA.MEM.??0316”

The final card reads,

“This is not my end! I have come too far to die here! I’ve let one unknown force make me, now ~consume enhance replicate~ ~SIVA.MEM.??0409.”

On a side note, other Iron Lords/Iron wolves such as Finnala, Ashraven and Colovance are also mentioned in these SIVA cluster cards.

As you can see from the grimoire cards, the Iron Lords were corrupted and infected by SIVA and considering the SIVA-fied Jolder, Felwinter and Gheleon survived Jolder’s blast it is possible that the other SIVA infused Iron Lords also survived. Remember that the fallen accessed the Replication chamber prior to us destroying it, so it is plausible that they escaped, hence why we did not encounter them. BUT whilst it is plausible, do I think it likely, no, unfortunately I do not think we will see any more zombie SIVA infused Iron Lords in the future. Or at the very least, the grimoire cards at this current stage do not indicate that.

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