Destiny Owl Sector Part 2

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Owl Sector

Welcome back guardians, this is part 2 of the Owl Sector lore series and we are going to discuss how Owl Sector is linked with SIVA and the new Rise of Iron campaign. Unfortunately, the relationship between the Owl Sector, the infection that plagued guardians just prior to Rise of Iron and SIVA, is not very clear unless you dive into each entry on the Owl Sector website and sort through some of the 133 new grimoire cards.

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A quick recap of part 1. Shun, the Vanguard Liaison for Owl Sector and former partner of Ikora Rey, is currently unconscious in a hospital. He contracted the infection after failing to put on his contamination suit correctly due to fatigue. Berriole the Hacker of Owl Sector is still located in a Clovis Bay laboratory extracting notes about the infection from Dr Shirazi’s records. Clovis Bray is conducting unethical practices by injecting patients with electronic nanoparticles to create the perfect colonist, i.e reinforced skeletons, joints, musculature and improved brain function. It is unethical for a number of reasons, some of the patients are being coerced into the experiment in order to pay off Clovis Bray debt, the researchers appear to be hiding results and also there has been cover-ups of previous fatalities. In Dr Sharizi’s patients, each subject has had different reaction to the nanoparticles, such as levitation, increased aggression, coma and loss of voice.

Let’s now continue. Ikora Rey grants Owl Sector full use over Hidden resources. Ramos, as acting Vanguard Liaison, is given this command. Negotiations are also opened between Owl Sector and the Techeun Witches of the Reef to assist with finding a cure.

Dr Shirazi’s notes reveal that Patient B was killed by the experiments. Dr Shirazi begins to question the morality of the experiments, as previously she believed the mortality rate was 20% but likely even lower as she thought that the nanoparticles would further reduce the risk of death. With the death of Patient B and ongoing symptoms of the other patients, Dr Shirazi questions whether the experiments should continue. She would later find notes from Dr Willa Bray that demonstrated the mortality rate was closer to 50-60% confirming her suspicions.

Dr Shirazi begins to feel empathy for her subjects, no longer referring to them alphabetically, i.e. Patient A but refers to the them with their actual name. Dr Shirazi regrets not incorporating a self-annihilation function” into the prototypes, so that it could have been stopped as soon as the experiments began to fail. Without the fail safe, Dr Shirazi now directs her team to focus on a cure.

Dr Shirazi and her team do discover a cure, however it is not necessarily a cure, it more accurately renders the nano mites dormant and the patient symptom free. After ‘curing’ the patients Dr Shirazi sneaks into a Data isolation chamber with stolen credentials, this is where she discovered the mortality rate of previous study injectable biotech experiments was as high as 50-60%. She claims that she will make a report to Willa Bray and will document that the experiments involve unacceptable levels of risk and human trials should be ceased.

Lets now return to the present, Berriole who was relaying Dr Shirazi’s notes, was able to provide enough information from the experiments to allow the Hidden to develop a cure for the infection. However, we do not know, if they cure we created had the same limitations as Dr Shirazi’s i.e. it only rendered the infection dormant, not really cured it.

Regardless, the cure was distributed amongst Guardians and normality began to return to the Tower. Shun also completely recovered and returned to his role as Vanguard Liaison. Berriole leaves the Clovis Bray facility, where she had been extracting all the notes from Dr Shirazi’s experiment. The card reads,

“I set everything in order and sealed the room. Left the computer in there, lovely as it is, after clearing sand from the crevices. A monument. On my way out, I looked again at the tracks I followed into that room. Clawed. Fallen, I’d say, but there are no Fallen on Mars. Odd. Closing mission and coming home.”

This is a vital clue to how Owl Sector and the infection is linked to Rise of Iron and SIVA. In the new Rise of Iron mission, Download Complete, you will have noticed that you go to mars and you go into a Clovis Bray laboratory, the in-game mission dialogue reads,

“In searching for more information on SIVA, we discovered some recent unexplained phenomena originating near Clovis Bray. That’s deep in Cabal territory I find it unlikely the Fallen would have had time to experiment in those labs undisturbed. True but there are records of SIVA prototypes that were never recovered. They could be the missing link. Lord Timur spoke of SIVA prototypes too, very well old friend lets follow this path.”

Once, you enter the laboratory the dialogue reads,

“Nothing says “were in the right place!” like dead fallen. There, that’s the Bray research archive! Now to rummage through its files. Interesting there were multiple prototypes, each programed to serve a different function. One that built constructs, viral armor enhancements- that’s neat- and we have a winner! Cybernetic diagnostics, exactly what the Fallen would need to- Oh maybe later. We’ve got company.”

So, I believe that the nanomite infection that we saw in the Tower in the week prior to Rise of Iron, was actually a SIVA prototype developed by Clovis Bray. Berriole, noticed the Fallen marks trying to get into the laboratory but did not think much of it. On side note, Berriole’s laboratory was on the top floor and the laboratory we investigate is in the basement, so actually think the basement laboratory was the lab Dr shirazi snuck into with borrowed potentials and found more disturbing notes on the SIVA prototypes.

Somehow the Fallen also discovered the laboratory and the SIVA prototype information. I believe the information that the Fallen found in the laboratory allowed them to actually find the true SIVA or replication chamber and reactivate it. The Download complete grimoire card reads, the

“The Vanguard has known for some time that the Fallen were exploring the Cosmodrome for lost technology. Now we know that they were digging for one treasure in particular – SIVA. The data from Clovis Bray was their map. “Now those same prototype files will be the Guardian’s key to victory. Shiro and I are already working on a defense that will protect Saladin’s ’Young Wolf’ in the final battle.”

I believe that the Dormant SIVA cluster grimoire cards support the theory, that the Nanomites are a SIVA prototype.

Have a listen to one of Dr Shirazi’s notes,

“Patient E, Jun, has been uncooperative. Laughed unpleasantly when I told him he would receive Glory 2.1. “You’re running prototypes in parallel because it’s cheaper and faster,” he said. “No ethics board on Earth would approve. But I don’t have a choice. I’m neck-deep in debt to Clovis Bray.”

Now, have a listen to the similarities with Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3.

“I’m surprised, I have to say. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be. It does save time to run experiments in parallel. I see the benefit to the colonization effort, but I can’t support those plans. I won’t help you.”

And what about this, remember that Dr Shirazi regrets not incorporating a failsafe, she says

“I regret not incorporating a self-annihilation function in these prototypes.”

Well, have a listen to Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.6,

“I am changing project requirements to include a kill switch. Is that feasible? Completely. But if I may ask, why that, and why now? Another scientist on staff—well, formerly on staff—brought up the possibility of undesirable outcomes. And you believe her. Somewhat. She was honest about other matters.”

I almost certain, that the nanomites we saw buzzing around Gaurdians are SIVA prototypes developed by Clovis Bray. Clovis Bray would then go on to construct the replication chamber for SIVA as reinforced in the Dormant SIVA Clovis Bray 1.5 and 1.9 which read,

“ What do you have to report, Dr. Zhang? Full functionality of the test nanites in our two hundred tasks across multiple trials and environments. They’ll be what Clovis Bray is remembered for, hundreds of years from now. All that’s left is construction of the replication chamber and initiation of production.”

“The complex is ready for wholescale replication of the SIVA nanite. We are waiting for your signal to start. Thank you for your faithful service, Dr. Zhang. I look forward to the wonders that come from this replication complex. The New Machine Age, shall we call it? Let’s begin.”

Clovis Bray is responsible for SIVA and the prototypes that infected guardians. However, the question is, do guardians still carry dormant SIVA prototypes, were we truly cured?

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