Who is Taniks?

Character Lore


“A Kell cut off his arms. He built himself new ones. Then he killed the Kell with them.”

Welcome back Guardians, today we are talking about Taniks, the Fallen mercenary with mechanical arms and we will also cover the Fallen House of Scar. Towards the end of the video we will speculate on how Taniks, the House of Scar and the House of Exile are all connected.

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Let begin with what we know about Taniks. According to the Taniks, the Scarred grimoire card, Taniks is described as a mercenary, with no Fallen house allegiance. As a mercenary he sells his service to any Fallen House for the right price. His most notable tasks include the theft of Aksor from the Prison of Elders and the murder of Andral Brask.

Aksor is likely better known as the Archon Priest from the Winter’s Run strike mission. Aksor is technically the archon for the House of Wolves and was captured during the Reef Wars by the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov, and was imprisoned in the Prison of Elders. This is told to us in the Aksor, Archon Priest grimoire card. House of Winter, then tried to acquire Aksor for themselves and I assume Taniks was hired by House of Winter to break Aksor out of the Prison of Elders. Without doubt, Taniks is truly powerful if he can assist the escape of a high value target from the Reef, from the Prison of Elders.

As I just previously mentioned, Taniks’ other most notable task was the murder of Andral Brask. I assume this was a hired assassination, considering Taniks is a mercenary, however we do not know which Fallen house made this order. However we do know some information about Andral Brask. He was the Hunter Vanguard prior to Cayde-6 and was very good friends with Cayde-6. The Ghost Fragment: Rasputin card seems to suggest that Andral Brask shared Cayde-6’s sense of humour and Andral even joked about Cayde being Rasputin. The Hunter Vanguard grimoire card further explains their free spirited and adventurous personalities, mentioning that Cayde could not say no to any challenge, not even the notorious Vanguard dare.

Whilst the card is not very specific, it seems that Cayde-6 had a bet with Andral, and a combination of losing this bet and Andral dying, resulted in Cayde reluctantly taking the position as Hunter Vanguard. We do not know if this bet actually caused Andral’s death, for example, Cayde bet Andral could not complete a certain patrol, which resulted in Andral being ambushed by Taniks and killed. Something like this occurring could be why, Cayde has

“immense regret.”

Or alternatively maybe the bet was more innocent and the terms of the agreement was that Cayde would take Andral’s place if he died. I can almost imagine Andral jokingly saying to Cayde,

“If I die before you, you have to take the position of Hunter Vanguard”,

knowing that Cayde would hate the position.

Have a listen to the card and see what you think,

“Cayde-6 was a daring Hunter with a fast ship, a quick gun hand, and an eye on the legendary Vault of Glass. Of course he couldn’t say no to a challenge – not even the notorious Vanguard Dare.
He lost the bet, to his immense regret. Now, following in the footsteps of his fallen friend Andal Brask, it is Cayde’s turn to oversee his far-flung brethren as the Hunter Vanguard in the Tower. He works dutifully, but longs for a chance to get back into the fight.”

Regardless to what you think the bet involved, Andral Brask was killed by Taniks. If you want to know more about Cayde-6 I have a separate video describing his time before becoming an exo, the link is in the description.

Let’s now move on to another aspect of Taniks, his bioengineering abilities. A number of grimoire cards reinforce Taniks’s ability to combine Fallen with machine. Taniks, the Scarred reads,

“It is believed by the Fallen that he is undying, a living huntsman whose physical self is joined with a mix of technologies, each pilfered from legendary treasure troves.”

The Shadow Thief reads,

“Most Fallen worship machines. It seems that Taniks, with his ritualistic surgeries and implants, wishes to be one.”

The Cloak of Taniks reads,

“He of the endless troves of arms, and legs, and hearts, and lungs, and…”

These cards seem to suggest that Taniks has a specific talent for splicing Fallen with technology and consequently I instantly think back to the newly introduced Fallen splicers in the Rise of Iron DLC. Destiny the game website says this about Fallen splicers,

“body hackers and bioengineers, these Splicers meld flesh and machine.”

Whilst it is highly speculative to suggest that Taniks was a Fallen Splicer, he undeniably shared some of their talents for bioengineering.

Perhaps one of Taniks’s greatest bioengineering accomplishment, was when he rebuilt his limbs with enough power to kill a Fallen Kell. Many believe that the “Does Not Bow” item description references Taniks, the item description reads, “A Kell cut off his arms. He built himself new ones. Then he killed the Kell with them.”

This item does not specifically mention Taniks’s name, it can only be referring either describes Variks or Taniks. And my money is on Taniks!

I assume that the Kell cut off Taniks’s lower arms, as is Fallen tradition and Taniks rebuilt his arms, later to kill the Kell with them. BUT you likely have also noticed that all four limbs of Taniks are mechanical. I speculate that Taniks saw the technological additions as an advantage (particularly after being able to kill a Kell with them) and decided to also replace his upper arms. This could be reinforced by the Shadow Thief card which reads,

“Most Fallen worship machines. It seems that Taniks, with his ritualistic surgeries and implants, wishes to be one.”

If the “Does not Bow” item does indeed describe Taniks, then which Kell did Taniks kill and why did Taniks not take control of a Fallen House once he killed the Kell?

To answer the later question, Taniks may have not taken over the Fallen house after killing the Kell because he, like the House of Exile, wants to be free of a Kell’s rule and consequently, Taniks did not want to become a Kell and enforce that upon his fellow Fallen. This is reinforced by the Taniks, The Scarred grimoire card which reads,

“His true ambitions rest in the challenge of the feats in front of him, and the rewards simply allow him to exist free of any Kell’s rule.”

In regards to which Fallen Kell Taniks killed, some have speculated that there is a clue in Taniks’s full title. Taniks, the Scarred, could this be a reference to the Fallen House of Scar. We know very very little about the House of Scar, apart from it being an original Fallen House prior to the Whirlwind. Its only mention appears in the Variks, The Loyal grimoire card, where Variks says,

“First, the Great Machine. Then, sky fell away. Whirlwind ripped away the past. All honor lost, all hope. Judgment not enough. Cannot keep Wolves from Kings, Scar from Winter. Fell to fighting. Fell to hate.”

Unfortunately, the only other piece of evidence supporting this theory, hinges upon some early concept art. The art clearly depicts Fallen House Banners on the inside of a ketch, which are identical to Taniks’s cloak. The fact that Taniks’s cloak pattern is displayed as a Fallen Banner indicates that he was part a Fallen House.  Once again, we do not know which house, but if Taniks’s name is a clue, our best guess is that this represents House of Scar.

If Taniks, did in fact kill the House of Scar’s Kell, and did not replace that leadership, this is very good justification to why House of Scar seemingly disappeared, without the right leadership the House was scattered.

I am aware that at this point, this theory has speculation stacked upon speculation, however there is one more thing that I will add. It is difficult to deny the similarities between Taniks and the House of Exile, both deny the rule of a Kell, which is quite unique amongst the Fallen. Due to this similarity and the discovery of Taniks’s symbol on the moon, an area dominated by the House of Exile, some also speculate that the remanets of House of Scar, after Taniks killed the Kell, formed the foundation for House of Exile.

So… do you still see Taniks as a murderer and thief, or was he something more, someone who tried to change the Fallen hierarchy, free the Fallen from their Kells, or even a rogue Fallen Splicer?? With Taniks now defeated his story may forever remain a secret.

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