Efrideet and the Iron Wolves

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Efideet and the Iron Wolves

It was a dark time in the City’s history. Warlords fuelled a civil war, threatening to destroy our last hope. They were meant to be our saviours but instead abused the gift of the Traveler’s light, corrupted by power. A knightly order arose out of necessity and honour, and they swore to use the Traveler’s light for good and end the war. These individuals laid the foundation for the City, the foundation of the Vanguard and protected what remained, they are the Iron Lords.

Welcome back Guardians, today we will look at new information regarding the Iron Lords, Efrideet and the Iron Wolves as revealed in the latest Game Informer interview with Bungie’s writing team. A link to the video is in the description.

Some really exciting lore was revealed during this interview, however, I was actually surprised about how much information was provided and I consider the information provided to be massive spoilers for Rise of Iron. If you want to experience Rise of Iron knowing very little about the plot line, I suggest leaving now.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore news update?

Firstly, let’s begin with some general information about the Iron Lords. When the writing team was asked if the item descriptions of the Iron Banner weapons/armour were intentionally written, to plan for a Rise of Iron DLC, the response is a nervous laugh and a sarcastic “planned it all along”.

Have a listen.

“What you alluded to earlier to the idea that there were things that you put into the game that the community then latched onto, in a way that surprised you. Were the Iron Banner weapons and the naming of those weapons, was that like that, or did you guys always kinda know we are going to put these weapons in and we are going to this place?” “Planned it all along”

As the conversation continues it becomes apparent that the writing team is very responsive to the community and that because the community became so intrigued with the Iron Lords and the Iron Banner item descriptions, it became an opportunity to explore the Iron Lord backstory in greater detail! So if we want to see more lore, or more stories expanded upon, all we have to do, is become obsessed with a topic and maybe they will make it into a DLC!

The interview continues and more details are provided about the timeline of the Iron Lords. They explain how there was an era of lawlessness following the collapse, after the Traveler imparted its light. In fact the team describe it as a civil war, led by a number of Warlords. These Warlords were then confirmed to be early Guardians that abused the power of the Light. The Iron Lords formed as a response to this lawlessness with Jill Scharr saying the

“Iron Lords were the first ghost havers, to say that we should use our Traveler light powers to protect people and be in service of the Traveler because you mentioned the Warlords, they were people who had ghosts, who we would call guardians today but were like sweet, I get to control everything, bow down before me” and the iron lords were like no, that is wrong.

On side note, this confirms that the Iron Lords do have Ghosts and makes it even more mysterious to why Saladin is missing his Ghost.

When the writing team described this event involving Warlords, it sounds extremely similar to the events with Rezyl Azzir. We know that Rezyl Azzir was also around during this time the very beginning of the City, immediately following the Collapse and Rezyl Azzir also rose up against corruption and aimed to unite the people.

The Rezyl Azzir – before these walls grimoire card reads,

“Factions grew from the huddled masses. Like minds coming together to provide support, comfort. Over time these loyalties demanded loyalty. Differences that used to inform — viewpoints that when joined granted a larger understanding of the whole — became points of conflict. The sanctuary became divided. The shadow of Light grew darker. This, humanity’s last oasis, slowly fading to a mirage. Great, powerful men and women, The Risen, stood at the Factions’ sides. Protection. Enforcers. Misused possibility.”

The question is, are the Faction Wars, the events involving Rezyl Azzir and civil war/Warlord event one in the same? Some would argue that the Faction Wars would have to occur much later in the City Age, once the City was established and hence the Warlords were present much earlier in Destiny’s timeline. However, I also think it possibly that these events are all the same thing and simply occurred at the end of the Dark Age and at the very beginning of the City Age.

Unfortunately, the interview likely posed more questions than, answers. Have a listen and see what you think.

“The factions rose up out of the formation of the City.. when the City was really really young, I think that is one of the first things we say in the starmaps, when the City was just being built there were Iron Lords, there is a little bit that the iron lords laid the ground work for everything that came after them, the laid the groundwork for the guardians, they laid the groundwork for the vanguard, and then the Factions were a way… because you got this big population crammed into a fairly small space and they have to learn how to work together, then you have the warlords, the dark age and such, the Iron lords fought, the Factions were a way to manage their government, so moving forward we will dig into that a little more.”

Considering the team places the Iron Lords and Factions in the same time period, maybe it is all the same event. If you read the Factions grimoire card the information seems to align. The Factions grimoire card reads,

“The following conflicts, known as the Faction Wars, brought the City to its knees. When the chaos grew intolerable, a gathering of Guardians fought to end the conflict. The new peace brought a new order: the City Consensus and the Speaker ruled together, and the surviving great factions worked through civil channels to pursue their agendas.”

So, it is quite possible that this gathering of Guardians was the Iron Lords plus other individuals like Rezyl Azzir who acted to end the Faction Wars.

Let’s now move onto the information about Efrideet. Throughout the interview the writing team spoke about Efrideet like she was alive and would be providing firsthand information to the Guardians. For example,

“I think the one we get to spend the most time with in the game… Jolder… totally… is Jolder. Jolder is the character of all of the other Iron Lords that I think people will have a emotional connection with.” “oh, maybe Efrideet.” “Of the Iron lords who aren’t physically present.”

So, at this point I am completely freaking out, as they basically confirmed Efrideet as alive. Later in the interview Matt Miller openly asks about Efideet and they do confirm that she is alive. They compare Efrideet with Lord Saladin and not only is she younger but she is more open with talking about her emotions and the tragedy of the Iron Lords. They explain, that she has returned to the story because she feels she needs closure to the death of the Iron Lords. They also say that she quote

“won’t talk about when, how or why she separated from the Iron Lords.”

It almost sounds like Efideet left prior to the Iron Lords facing SIVA and that is why she survived. It even at time sounds like she is no longer even considered an Iron Lord, as they say,

“Efrideet is back because she has a very strong connection with the Iron Lords, she WAS one.”

Does this imply that she no longer is an Iron Lord?

The other interesting thing about Efrideet, is that the team mentions that she spent a period of time away from everyone, which I believe is what they refer to as her disappearance and during this time they confirm she joined a group of guardians that were interested in using the light in other ways apart from combat, Jill Scharr even goes on to even say that this will be explored in future releases.

Finally, lets move onto the Iron Wolves! There is now confirmation about who the Iron wolves are. The interviewer, Matt Miller says,

“I wanted to ask because a lot of people are curious about this, there are two group of iron lords, that you guys have introduced over the course of the game, this story Rise of Iron is focused on the Original Iron Lords is that right?”

This was the response.

“well it is not so much the original Iron Lords, they’re the first ones we introduced, but basically we establish in the game that essentially there was a larger group of Iron Lords, and these were essentially the final.” “You’re talking about the Iron Wolves.” “Yes” “The Wolves are just another name for the Iron Lords, the Wolves are on their uniform, they have always been apart of the logo. There has been many many Iron Lords, the Saladin and the Nine in the year one weapons were the first, the first ten of them, the TTK weapons introduced other Iron Lords, Nirwan, Collovance, they are other Iron Lords that joined the cause.” “You do not necessarily see the other Iron Wolves as a separate organisation that formed later or anything like that.” “Nope” “No and infact, this is not much of a spoiler, those characters in particular were also of great interest to us and sort of making their story apart of the overall story that we are telling.”

So there you have it, unfortunately it does not seem like we will see any plot twists involving the Iron Wolves. Thank you for watching and if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of a comment, leave the word, Warlord, I am really excited to find out more information about the Warlords that abused the power of the light.

As usual, it has been pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.