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“The unfairness of it makes him want to roar. Why does everyone else have this patronage? Why do the Hive have gods and the Vex have sprawling time-bent minds and the Cabal have reinforcements? Why do the Awoken whisper to the stars and listen for the whisper back, the voices from the Jovians, the song in the dark? Why do the Guardians get the Great Machine’s blessing, was it like that before the Whirlwind, were there Fallen heroes crowned in Ghosts who strode the battlefield fearless and full of Light? Why do they tell stories about reclaiming the lost glory of humanity, and no stories about the lost glory of Variks’ people”

Welcome back guardians, today we are investigating Variks, similar to the  “Is Eris Evil?” video. There are hints scattered throughout the grimoire cards that seem to suggest that Variks is not as Loyal as his title suggests. I usually like to present a neutral opinion, however today my goal is to persuade you that Variks will betray us, as the video progresses you should find that the evidence becomes more compelling. AnonPig proofed this script, however his opinion is quite the opposite, so feel free to completely disagree with me.

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Let’s begin with only some of the many, mission descriptions, grimoire cards or item descriptions that gives the impression that Variks may betray the Reef and Guardians. Firstly, Variks has a certain level of disdain toward Guardians, in fact not just Guaridans all species and feels that it is unfair that the Fallen have been reduced to scavengers.

The Hive have their Gods, the Vex have the sprawling time-bent minds, the Cabal have reinforcements and the Guardians have the Traveler.

This is told to us in the Skolas: Defeated grimoire card. Further more, Variks says this in a mission description,

“My people once had great technology. Great ships, fine weapons. Grav-lifts. Now other races enter system, use tech stolen from Fallen long ago. Humiliating. Just humiliating.” – Variks.

And this

“Guardians spoiled by Light, by Ghosts who spare them from death. Are you spoiled?” —Variks, the Loyal

This level of disdain, humiliation and resentment for Guardians could lead to Variks ultimately betraying us.

In fact, Variks himself even says that maybe he chose the wrong side. This thought of betrayal occurred when Variks thought that Skolas may actually be successful in taking back the Traveler. The Ruling House grimoire card says this,

“Variks (to himself): Goes after Winter. Devils, Kings. Seeks power. Kings deny him. Kell of Kings hides well. Perhaps he will take back the Great Machine. Perhaps I chose the wrong side. It is not too late—“

Also remember that Variks betrayed Skolas and what is to say that Variks will not do the same to us. However, many would present the counterargument that Variks only betrayed Skolas because he did not agree with Skolas’s rule and believed that Skolas was doing more harm to the Fallen than good. This is reinforced by the mission dialogue by Petra Venj which reads,

“The Fang used to do hit-and-run attacks against civilian targets during the worst days of the Reef Wars. I’m not sure, but I think that’s what made Variks turn against Skolas. Assassins unleashed on miners, on teachers. That’s a long way to fall.” – Petra

Variks in general disagreed with Skolas’s strategy to return the Fallen to their rightful place with the Travel, saying this in the Skolas Defeated grimoire card

“The alternative is Skolas’ strength, fighting together, raging against extinction. Look where that’s gotten the species. The House of Devils’ Prime is dead. The House of Winter’s leadership devastated. The poor Exiles trying to claw out some security against the Hive. In the last few years the Fallen have lost so much—and everything is escalating around them.”

Whilst it may be true, Variks betrayed Skolas because he did not believe it would improve the Fallen’s status, and in hindsight, it didnt, what becomes obvious is the true motive of Variks; the survival of House Judgment. Whilst multiple cards emphasize Variks’ loyalty to the Queen, what is also prominent is Variks’ determination to ensure House Judgment survives and what I am suggesting, is that is Variks had to choose between the Queen and rebuilding House Judgment, he would choose the latter.

House Judgment once kept codes of dignity and law and Variks describes House Judgment as the closest thing to peace that Fallen ever knew. The Longest Vigil item description describes Variks as the last of House Judgment, it reads,

“I am last of my House. I will not forget.”- Variks.

Variks the loyal grimoire card reads,

“Traveled with the many houses before Wolves. We move, across the dark. Follow the Light. Advise Kells, worshiped Primes. House Judgment must survive, yes?”

The Skolas: Defeated grimoire card reads

“building an audience and a relationship with the Reef’s scavengers and armories, will bring him a little closer towards rebuilding the House of Judgment.”

I believe that Variks ONLY sided with the Queen out of pure necessity to survive and continue House Judgment and that, if Guardians were on the brink of defeat, like Skolas was, Variks would betray us and cozy up with the next dominant force. This is reinforced in the Skolas: Captured grimoire card, which reads,

“the Osiris cultists are Variks’ favorite people. Maybe that’s how you survive this alien star where dead gods slumber and dead heroes walk. You cozy up to powers you barely understand and make yourself useful, or at least inoffensive. You become a parasite, a scavenger, a servant”

I do admit, there is a strong counter argument to this, which is seen in the Skolas: Defeated grimoire card and it implies that Variks will not betray us and wants peace between Guardians and the Fallen. Variks says this

 “The Fallen may yet accept peaceful, lawful rule.”

Now let’s move onto more incriminating evidence; Variks has control of the Crows and Skolas’ Elder Cipher. There is another piece of information which is relatively dodgy, however I am not going to cover it here, as I have already made a video about this, but also remember that Variks is directly involved with the production of Taken armor and weapons, such as Stolen Will. He ensures that the Prison of Elders is stocked with Taken enemies to extract their power. The link to this video is in the description.

Let’s talk about the Crows. As you would know, Prince Uldren, Master of Crows, would normally command them. We do not really know what the Crows are, however we know that they are used to gather intelligence. After the Awoken were destroyed by Oryx, and the Queen was killed (sort of), Prince Uldren crash landed on Mars and in his absence Variks has been gifted the Crows, or at least has some command over them. This is reinforced in The Wolves of Mars grimoire card,

“Petra has given House Judgement a great gift. Variks now speaks for Crows. Crows fly on black wings, find what House Judgment needs found.”

What does Variks want to find do you ask?… The Kell of Kells. It seems that Variks, believes the prophecies of House of Rain, which state that a Kell of Kells will unite the Fallen. Skolas thought he was the Kell of Kells but he was wrong. In the Wolves of Mars card, Variks says this,

“Skolas was savage. Skolas was cruel. Skolas was … right. Only Kell of Kells can end the slaughter. Only Kell of Kells can unite the Houses. The Crows will find the Kell of Kells. Then Banners will rise as one. And Eliksni will stand together. Forever.”

Interestingly, Petra Venj jokes that Variks is the Kell of Kells and he simply ignores the statement. Have a listen to The Kell of Kells grimoire card,

“Petra: What about this House of Rain, the Prophecy you keep quoting? Variks: House Rain lost in Whirlwind. No survivors, but I keep their prophecies. You think many claim to be Kell of Kells, but none have. House Judgment closest thing to peace the Fallen ever know. Petra: Heh. Maybe you are the Kell of Kells.  Variks (distracted by screen): Looks like Skolas returns to Venus.”

Whether Variks wants to be Kell of Kells or whether he legitimately wants to find the prophecy, what we do know, is Variks has the means to “crown” a Kell. When I say Crown, I am referring to Variks having control of the Elder Ciphers. A Kell requires an Elder Cipher and Variks’ possession of an ignited Elder Cipher puts him in a prime position to elect the Kell of Kells, which he may decide is himself!

This information about the Elder Cipher is provided in the mission description to acquire the exotic weapons lord of wolves, dreg’s promise and queen’s breaker bow from the Prison of Elders. This was before the April update because after that update the weapons randomly drop in the Challenge of the Elders.

Elder Ciphers are important because they control the flow of ether. Ether is required for Fallen to survive and allows the Fallen to grow. This is reinforced in the mission description for the Elder Cipher which reads,

“Variks will summon you once the Elder Cipher is ready. Kell uses Ciphers to control the Ether flow. Archons and Barons take deep draughts, grow tall. Dregs with tiny sips stay small.”

Interestingly, the Elder Cipher almost appears to be living and the mission description for the Elder Cipher also reads,

“Elder Cipher is fixed. But locked. Take this to Arena. Defeat foes. Cipher will watch. Cipher will judge Kells, yes?.”

This implies that you cannot just have an Elder Cipher and be a Kell, but the Elder Cipher decides whether you are worthy. Once you are deemed worthy, the Edler Cipher is unlocked and I assume then that you can distribute ether and claim the title of Kell. Both Skolas and the Queen were able to active Elder Ciphers, hence why they could control the Fallen.

Guess what we did… we unlocked the Elder Cipher for Variks, we ignited the Elder Cipher and gave it back to Variks for a mere weapon. This what the mission description says,

“Elder Cipher ignited! Like for Skolas at Iris, like for Queen at Cybele. I will take Cipher, you take prize. House Judgment thanks you.”

Variks has the means to find the Kell of Kells using Prince Uldren’s crows and he has an ignited Elder Cipher! The question is, if Variks finds does find the Kell of Kells, who unites all of the Fallen Houses, will he still remain loyal to the Reef?

Even more concerning, is Variks may be closer to finding the Kell of Kells than we know. The Challenge of Elders Card says this,

“You’ve seen the same reports I have, and more,” Petra said. “I’m not stupid. I know the Crows whisper secrets to you that you don’t pass along to the rest of us.” And this the item description for Keeper’s Mind, “Crows fly far. Bring us whispers of things to come.” —Variks.

Thank you for watching that concludes this latest destiny lore episode. If you would like to support the channel leave the word “Kell of Kells” to represent the prophecy Variks is looking for, and that he will betray us if and when he unites the Fallen Houses. This is myelin games and as usual it has been pleasure. Peace.