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Clovis Bray

Come join us. Come to Clovis Bray and build the laboratory of your dreams. Anything you need. Demand it and it’s yours. At Clovis Bray, we have a singular understanding of genius, and we appreciate how brilliant minds flourish when they enjoy total freedom. This is Freehold, the realm where the new and the best is born.

Welcome back guardians, today we are taking a closer look at Clovis Bray. Why? Recent footage of Rise of Iron has revealed players can collect Dormant SIVA clusters, collecting one such cluster was captured at GamesCon showing that the grimoire card rewarded was Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5. So I thought it useful to put together everything we currently know about Clovis Bray and his family.

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Let’s being with potentially one of Clovis Bray’s greatest achievements. The creation of the Exo. This speculation was sparked by Clovis Bray signs on Mars that read, Clovis Bray


but would later be supported by Cayde-6’s journal that was received with the Taken Kings collector’s edition. In Cayde’s journal, it is heavily implied that Cayde-6 was not always an Exo and was originally a human. He completed a security mission for Clovis Bray, which unfortunately resulted in Cayde damaging Bray’s property and equipment. Clovis Bray sends Cayde-6 the bill for the damage, which Cayde adds to his growing debt, however the bill was not just a bill but a job offer, and assume the job involved becoming an Exo. It is then heavily implied that Cayde travels to an Icy moon near Saturn, this could Rhea, as in the Cauldrons of Rhea mentioned in the Ghost Fragment the queen grimoire card, which by the way this location is near the Nine. Once again, this is speculation, however this is how the journal reads,

“Floating in the black. I’ve been listening to nothing but my heart knocking for over twelve hours. EMU’s low on air. I promise myself this job is the last. Promise myself this time I mean it. I feel the hull vibration through the station’s thin metal skin. The airlock pump hisses. Long wait’s over. Time to go to work. I’ll spare you the gory details. Afterwards, fuming. Clovis Bray sends me a bill for the hull damage. My fault the target put a blast wall between us. My fault things went wrong and we had to let our rifles do the talking. I tear the packet open. Tattered pieces of the envelope drift to the floor. Surprise. It’s not just a bill. There’s a job offer tucked in. Seems old Bray’s been looking for someone like me. Willing to forgive my debt, and not just for the orbital station. All of it. Suddenly, I ain’t so mad anymore.”

“Saturn. No, someplace else. Someplace colder. This moon has been almost completely converted, a sarcophagus of ice and iron. Stone towers rung round with glaciers, rooted deep within a heart of snow. I came here flesh and bone. Gave everything to the ice. Started over. Rebooted.”

Regardless, to what you believe, even if Clovis Bray did not invent the Exo, I believe this heavily implies that at least had the technology to convert humans to Exos! His research may have even extended to the creation of the Warminds.  The Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray card, says this

“she described test results from the last five billion runs of our AI Initiative”.

The AI initiave might actually be a reference to the Exos, or it could be a reference to the Warminds. With all this technology, it is no wonder that people predict Clovis Bray was involved with the creation of SIVA, however I will come back to that topic shortly.

Let’s now talk about Clovis Bray’s family. They include Clovis Bray II, Ana Bray, Elsie Bray, Willa Bray and Alton Bray. We do in fact have a small amount of information on these characters.

Clovis Bray II is mentioned in Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray. In this Card, Clovis Bray the second, is currently 16 years old and having a conversation with his father about the universe. It is revealed that Clovis Bray believes in the multiverse theory. The Card reads,

“The universe is infinite and probably in multiple ways,”  I said. Then I listed a few examples: The census of stars, the Many-Worlds principle in quantum mechanics, and the endless measure of tiny realms hiding inside every grain of Martian sand.”

The card gives the impression of a father passing on his passion and knowledge for the universe onto his son. Clovis obviously did this with his other children as they would go on to be historic in their own right.

Ana Bray, was a golden gun Hunter who fought at the battle of twilight gap. Her story is revealed in the item description of the Hunter cloak, “Strength of the Pack”, which reads,

“A pattern worn by Ana Bray during the fateful battle of the Twilight Gap”

and the Exotic Quest line for No Time to Explain which has us retrieve her bracelet from Twilight Gap, it reads,

“You want another story about the Twilight Gap? Ana Bray, the Hunter. We all dug deep that day. We all touched the Light in ways we never thought we could. Or should. Ana, though. When she fired the Gun, where her Golden blasts hit home, she left behind the pools of light. Like splashes of sunlight that burned and burned.” —Lord Shaxx

Elsie Bray, is the inventor of the ship Eon Trespass, the item description reads,

“Born from the mind of Elsie Bray, three years before she disappeared.”

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about her disappearance.

Doctor Willa Bray, developed the first engram matter-encryption techniques from relic crystals, which is told to us as part of the Exotic sword quest for Dark Drinker, as we collect Relic Crystals from Relic Iron on mars. The mission description reads,

 “The unique datastatic structure of relic crystals inspired Doctor Willa Bray to develop the first engram matter-encryption techniques during the Golden Age.” —Ghost.”

I will come back to this in a moment and how this may be linked to SIVA.

We do not have much information on Alton bray, apart from the mention in the Meridian Bay grimoire card which says,

“A great city is a place where man competes with the Gods.”- Alton Bray Trials and Triumphs.

As you can see the Bray family are very talented and maybe this was due to the very nature of Clovis Bray and how he respected the knowledge everyone possesses even his children. Clovis Bray the second says this about his father in Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray,

“Father didn’t have employees. Or assistants. And for that matter, he didn’t have heroes either. Every person, living or lost, was a collaborator, and that included his children.”

Clovis seemed to encourage everyone, openly to pursue their dreams and science. Have a listen to the The Ghost Fragment: Meridan Bay grimoire card.

“We want your grandchildren. Does that sound grim? Don’t panic. We aren’t talking about human babies, yours or anyone else’s. We’re talking about your inventions. The children of your mind. Come join us. Come to Clovis Bray and build the laboratory of your dreams. Anything you need. Demand it and it’s yours. At Clovis Bray, we have a singular understanding of genius, and we appreciate how brilliant minds flourish when they enjoy total freedom. This is Freehold, the realm where the new and the best is born. This is where your brilliance, freed of budget constraints and managers, makes the universe dance. Clovis Bray is a nursery, a nursery to a million marvels. Your inventions belong to no one but you. Cherish them, praise them. Or tell them they aren’t worthy and set them inside a deep dark drawer. But as every parent soon learns, children grow up. And every technology matures. At some point, your inventions are going to find mates. They’ll join with other marvels and produce a new generation of offspring. Maybe you’ll build a better reactor. Meanwhile, the genius in the lab next door devises an elegant way to fold machines into tiny spaces. Your device meets hers, and a fierce little reactor is born. Your children are yours forever. And we are happy to arrange for their grandchildren to prosper.”

At this point, Clovis Bray seemed like an amazing entrepreneur and catalyst for discovery during the Golden Age. However, if we wanted to be more critical of this character there are couple of alternatives; firstly, the Meridan Bay grimoire card describing the laboratory of dreams, is some Golden Age advertising at its finest OR the second possibility it that Clovis Bray is hiding something, this is all too good to be true.

Let’s expand on the first option and assume there is nothing sinister here and that this is a “golden age advert”.  Remember, Clovis Bray was likely not the only company trying to invent new things and take advantage of the technology gifted by the Traveler. Arguably, he may have been the most successful, however definitely not the only one. The other facility that instantly comes to mind is the Ischtar Collective, the sprawling research facility on Venus, which focused on researching the Vex and housed the infamous Vex researchers, Dr Shim, Maya Sundaresh, Chioma Esi, Duane-McNiadh.

So put simply, natural competition formed between different research facilities during the Golden Age and Clovis Bray was just advertising to lure the very best minds to their facilities. You can just imagine the appeal to a researcher on Earth during the Golden Age, the opportunity to leave Earth and travel to Mars and work for Clovis Bray in the laboratories of their dreams!

And it was not just Mars that they could visit because Clovis Bray also had facilities on Venus, in close proximity to the Ischtar Collective. The Asylum grimoire card reads,

“Before the Collapse, this would’ve been just another stop on the subway line between Clovis Bray’s Venus arcology headquarters and the Academy campus by the shore. Now, it’s a grim reminder of the lives, the dreams, and the progress we lost when the Darkness came.”

Now let’s look at option two, Clovis Bray is hiding something, this is too good to be true. Perhaps the most incriminating evidence is other researchers calling Clovis Bray the Sisyphus Project. The item description of the Sisyphus Project reads,

“Clovis refuses to back down. Meanwhile, the others have taken to calling it ‘the Sisyphus Project’…” — laboratory notes found at a Clovis Bray facility.”

In Greek mythology Sisyphus was King punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, repeatedly for eternity. Sisyphus was also known for killing travellers and guests.

When you combine this with the knowledge of Cayde’s story, someone who was in a lot of debt and was basically lured into becoming Exo to clear his debt, Clovis Bray’s father of golden age image starts to fall apart. Did he lure people to Mars and his other research facilities to experiment on them, did some of them die from this? Like Sisyphus who killed the travellers and guests.

Maybe, he did produce, or at least his family produced, one of the deadliest technologies, SIVA. Remember, Doctor Willa Bray who helped develop the first engram matter-encryption techniques during the Golden Age?

Remember, what the Game Informer article said about SIVA –

“The story team told me that within the fiction, SIVA is actually this evolution of the matter encryption technology of engrams – but on a much vaster scale. As it turns out, putting it in the hands of these Fallen Splicers isn’t a great idea.”

Remember the descriptin that Clovis gives of inventions in the Meridan bay card,

“Or tell them they aren’t worthy and set them inside a deep dark drawer. But as every parent soon learns, children grow up. And every technology matures. At some point, your inventions are going to find mates.”

If SIVA is a child of the Clovis Bray facilitator, it grew, it grew uncontrollably.

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