50 Destiny Lore mysteries



After great deliberation it was determined that the Ahamkara be made extinct. It was not an easy decision. Power had been obtained from the bargains, and the City needed power. Knowledge had been gleaned, and the Ahamkara knew answers to questions no one had known to ask. But the price was too high. And no edict or forbearance seemed to stop Guardians from seeking them out, driven by hope, or vengeance, or despair. The call had to be silenced. So the Great Hunt did its work. And thus the Ahamkara were made extinct, their call silenced, their solipsistic flatteries erased, their great design – if it ever existed – broken. Of this you can be assured, oh reader mine.

Welcome back Guardians. Today we are discussing 50 mysteries of Destiny, lore topics that we still do not have the full answer to. This video originally started off as the top 5 mysteries of Destiny, however it was just too difficult to narrow down to a top 5 list, so I just included every mystery I could think of.

I also had help from a number of other lore masters in the community, including AnonPig and Mythos Mike from Destiny Lore Cast, BlueCrew from Focus Fire Chat podcast, Purplechimera and Baxter from Ishtar Collective (the database I use for all my research), Captain Kex from the LORG chart (which is a visual representation of the grimoire cards and their connections with each other) and Beard Grizzly who you will know from my previous videos. Links to their respective podcasts, websites and/or channels are below.

I have sorted this top 50 list into 5 different categories:

  1. Identity

  2. Where are they now?

  3. But why?!

  4. What the…

  5. Campaign essentials

The first being “Identity”, this topic includes anything that involves understanding someone’s identity, for example, who is the Exo Stranger? The second category is “where are they now?” any topic that involves trying to understand the whereabouts of certain characters or creatures in Destiny e.g. Where is Oryx’s sister, Savathun? The third category is “But why?!” topics that make you go, why! E.g. Why has Rasputin not reactivated his population protection protocols?! The fourth category is “What the…”, things that make you go what the fff.frick, for example, “What are those giant skeletons on the moon?”, the fifth and final category is Campaign essentials, topics that I consider to be essential to the campaign of Destiny, you probably could argue everything in this video is essential to the campaign, however these topics felt more generalised and did not suit the other categories. Of course, I am sure I have missed some topics, so feel free to add corrections in the comments and the description contains the full list of the 50 mysteries of destiny if you need to double check anything.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.


Let’s start with the first category, Identity, and in no specific order.

  1. Number one. Who is the Wizard inside the crystal in the PvP map the Dungeons? This has been a prominent question on my channel more recently and the identity of this wizard is still unknown. She is encapsulated in a crystal, and although not identical it is similar to the crystal holding Crota’s soul seen in the mission the Wakening. The crystal in the wakening is involved with connecting and transferring Crota from his netherworld to our reality. If this Crystal functions in the same way, it may imply that this wizard’s soul has been captured and stored in the Dungeon.
  2. Number Two. Who is the Exo Stranger? The true identity of the Exo Stranger remains a mystery, however my best guess and speculation, is that the Exo Stranger is the Vex researcher Maya Sundaresh. I also believe Maya Sundaresh was unknowingly the founder of Future War Cult and began the early development on the Future War Cult device that sends subjects insane with visions of the future. Maya Sundaresh is also the researcher that Cayde-6 fell in love with.
  3. Number three. On the topic of the Exo Stranger? Who is the Exo stranger speaking with in the mission a “Stranger’s Call”, you know, when she does not have time explain why she does not have time to explain.
  4. Number four. Who is Nokris? Yes, the statue outside of the Altar of Oryx, which is the final boss room in the campaign for the Taken King. Our only clue is that it is a Hive God, however no evidence exists within the World’s Grave files, which are basically the archives for the Hive. My best guess is that this Hive God may have encountered the Vex, the Vex have the ability to erase names from history, so maybe this Hive God has been erased.
  5. Number 5. Who is the Speaker? The Speaker’s true identity has never been revealed, with the grimoire card saying, “There has always been a Speakers, an anonymous high priest with a mysterious and powerful connection to the Traveler and its Ghosts.” I always like to think that the Speaker is Commander Jacob Hardy, the first human to ever make contact with the Traveler on the Mars Expedition.
  6. Number 6. Speaking of the Speaker. Is Saint-14 the Speaker’s son? In the Legend: Saint-14 grimoire card the Speaker refers to Saint-14 as his son, and Saint-14 refers to the speaker as his Father, however is this metaphoric due to the speaker being described as a priest, or is Saint-14 really the Speaker’s son.
  7. Number 7. Who is Alpha Lupi? There is a string of grimoire cards that refer to the Dreams of Alpha Lupi, whilst the cards seem to describe the Traveler, Alpha Lupi may not necessarily be the Traveler it could be someone dreaming of the Traveler.
  8. Number 8. Who is Dredgen Yor? Dredgen Yor’s true identity has been removed from the grimoire cards and although the Legends and Mysteries: Rezyl Azzir grimoire card is highly suggestive of Rezyl Azzir being Dredgen Yor, due to his encounter with the Wizard, Xyor, Yor’s identity has never been truly confirmed.

Where are they now?

Lets move onto category two, “Where are they now?”

  1. Number 9, the Ahamkara. The Ahmakara are described as Dragons in the Ghost Fragment: the warlock card and have thought to be made extinct after the Great Ahamkara Hunt. However the question still remains, do any Ahamkara still exist and if so, where are they?
  2. Number 10. Where is Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov. Mara Sov was thought dead following the opening scene of the Taking King as the Awoken sieged the dreadnaught, however during a livestream, Bungie would later reveal that the Queen is still alive. Her current location is still unknown?
  3. Number 11. Where is Lysander? With the Dawning Event, a new grimoire card was released, Lysander’s Cry which indicates that Lysander is rallying support outside of the City Walls. Lysander previously led the Faction Concordat and sort to remove the consensus and the speaker.
  4. Number 12. Where does Efrideet go, when she is not hosting the Iron Banner? We know that Efideet has joined a group of guardians who do not use light for combat, however their location remains unknown.
  5. Number 13. Savathun. Savathun is Oryx’s sister, she is still alive and was last seen in the Books of Sorrow sailing her throne world away from Oryx in order to grow different.
  6. Number 14. Xivu Arath, oryx’s other sister is also unaccounted for. I believe the missing Hive gods likely will become Hive DLCs in the future.
  7. Number 15, where is Taox? Taox is described as the teacher to the children of the Osmium Throne. The children of the Osmium throne would become the Hive gods Oryx, Savathun and Xivu Arath. Taox betrayed the Osmium King, Oryx’s dad, when they were still trapped on the planet the Fundament. Taox made a number of appearances in the Books of Sorrow and Oryx’s duty was to kill this traitor. To our knowledge Taox never formed the symbiotic bond with the worms and should have died long ago, however her death was never confirmed and previously she was frozen in stasis. It is possible that Taox is still alive and her whereabouts unknown.
  8. Number 16. Where are the Nine Located? We know that they are likely near the Jovian Colonies and we know that the Queen is aware of their location, as she sent them Skolas, however their exact location has not yet been revealed to Guardians.
  9. Number 17. Where is Toland? Toland is presumed to be in the Hive netherworld, but his presence there is still extremely cryptic.
  10. Number 18. Where is Osiris? He is thought to be in the Vex Gate network, however his whereabouts is unknown, Saint-14, the Speaker and Toland are all interested in finding and making contact with Osiris.
  11. Number 19. Speaking of Saint-14… where is he? The last correspondence with Saint-14 was just after Saint-14 crushed the skull of a kell with a headbut and called the Speaker, only to tell the Speaker that he is travelling to Mercury to pursue Osiris.
  12. Number 20. Where is Prince Uldren, The Queen’s Brother? Despite the majority of the Awoken fleet being destroyed by Oryx, Prince Uldren escaped and crash landed on Mars as described in the Aftermarth grimoire card. However, Prince Uldren has not made any further contact since that time and remains hidden.
  13. Number 21. Where is the submind who carried SIVA into Deep space? Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4 describes a sub mind, which controls a ship that was previously used for colonisation, however it now contains SIVA. The ship makes a journey into space carrying SIVA, a journey that is described as nine billion miles away.
  14. Number 22. Where is the Deep Stone Cyrpt? The Deep Stone Crypt is described as the birth place of the Exo’s, where the infamous subroutine seeded the first Exo Consciousness.

But why?!

Let’s move onto the third category, “But why!?

  1. Number 23. Why did Efrideet leave the Iron lords? Efrideet left the Iron lords to join a group of pacifist guardians, however why she left is unknown. I do believe she left before the Iron Lords faced SIVA in the SIVA replication complex. All we know is that she remained so quite that she was presumed dead until she returned.ef
  2. Number 24. Why doesn’t Rasputin reactivate his population protection protocols? Rasputin once protected humanity, however now he remains mysteriously quite and Ghost Fragment Rasputin 6 confirms that he has not reactivated his population protection objectives, meaning he is not necessarily defending humanity anymore.
  3. Number 25. Why were Exo’s created? The Exo grimoire card says that the Exos were built for a “long-forgotten struggle… that their origins and purpose was lost to time and that, what threatened the Golden age so much that they constructed the Exos to defend themselves!
  4. Number 26. ON the topic of Exos, why are their memories wiped? The number at the end of the Exo name represents the number of times their memories have been wiped.
  5. Number 27. Xur collects his own currency… why? What are the motives of Xur and the Nine
  6. Number 28. Why is Lord Shaxx and Lord Saladin angry with each other. Ever since the battle of twilight gap, their relationship has been described as strained. However it has never been confirmed what exactly caused this.

What the…

Let’s move onto “What the…”

  1. Number 29. What is Nastareth? In the prison of elders, Petra Venji is instructing two “researchers” and I use the term researchers lightly, who are conducted a mind scan on Sylok the defiled. They probe his mind and appear to torture him by probing the area of his mind associated with pain and trauma, however Sylok relishes in the pain saying “glorious pain!!! Blessseedddd is the Nastareth!!”. This is the first and only mention of the word Nastareth.
  2. Number 30. The giant skeletons on the moon… what are they? The ghost fragment: ocean of storms 2 card may describe theses bones, it reads, “ long rib cage, the size of an aircraft fuselage. The living creatures themselves, we found a hundred meters down. They might have been worms, if worms had scales and teeth and moved more quickly than a man could run.” When you scan the bones, your ghost says, “No one knows if bones like these belong to a Hive life form or some other race the Hive discovered, but Toland seemed to think they burrowed through the lunar rock to create this fortress.”
  3. Number 31. What are the motives of Toland?! In the messages from Toland, it appears that Toland agrees with Oryx’s philosophy and is almost angry with guardians for not replacing the Hive king and leaving a power vacuum.
  4. Number 32. What was Felwinter’s Lie? Felwinter’s lie has never been confirmed, however the possibilities may include, killing the warlord Citan whilst under parley, wearing Hunter armour, using multiple class abilities or Felwinter’s conversation with Rasputin.
  5. Number 33. The Queen’s Harbingers. The harbingers are the weapons the queen used during the reef wars and also against Oryx’s ship the Dreadnaught. The harbingers are somewhat described as alive in the Coven grimoire card, they are describe as Harbinger Minds, who could sense communication between the techeuns and they even have an age. The exact nature of the Harbingers is unknown.
  6. Number 34. What happened to the remaining Harbinger? The Queen and her techeuns are planning the attack on the dreadnaught and they plan to use all of the Harbinger weapons except one. The Card reads, “So now the decision is nigh. The Harbingers, which to prepare?” Shuro was determined to see this all through. Excitement was taught to be kept at bay. “We cannot send them all.” Portia reminded. “All but one, the oldest. It stays with us. Sedia, Kalli, Shuro, take the children, tell her they are to be planted into a dead thing to have children of their own.”
  7. Number 35. the Speaker’s Mask!! What power does the Speaker’s Mask hold, it is referred to in the grimoire as the Legendary Speaker’s Mask, the day the Speaker’s Mask is removed, his identity revealed and the power of the mask demonstrated, I have feeling will not be for some time.

Campaign essentials

The last topic is campaign essentials.

  1. Number 36, What is the Light? We understand that the Traveler is an agent of the Light and the Oryx is an agent of the Deep/Darkness. But what exactly is the light is unknown. After constructing the Tablets of Ruin, Oryx has a conversation with the Deep/the Darkness itself, however we have never seen such interaction from the light.
  2. Number 37. What is the Darkness? Whilst Oryx has intereacted directly with the Deep/the Darknesss, our understanding to what exactly it is, is still very limited.
  3. Number 38.What actually happened during the collapse? The collapse is constantly mentioned but the events that actually unfolded is very vague.
  4. Number 39. Similarly, what happened during the Whirldwind, the Fallen’s version of collapse, which followed their own golden age with the traveler.
  5. Number 40. Following the collapse, how were the Awoken created? It is said that Awoken came from those fleeing earth following the collapse and something happened to them in space. The exact nature of what created the Awoken is unknown.
  6. Number 41. What is the relationship between the Fallen, SIVA and Rasputin? Rasputin controlled SIVA at one stage, and even though the Fallen use SIVA it is debatable to whether they truly control it.
  7. Number 42. Are we really in a Vex simulation? The researchers, Dr Shim, Maya Sundaresh, Chioma Esi and Duane McNiad predicted that they could be in a vex simulation after experimenting on a Vex mind, they predicted that if they could contact Rasputin they could prove their reality, as they hypothesized that the Vex could not simulate a warmind. However, the researches made an assumption that the Vex could not simulate rasputin.. what if they were wrong?
  8. Number 43. Who is currently controlling the Taken? In the new Omnigul strike mission Ikora Rey describes that the Hive leadership has filtered down and that a new entity is directing the Taken, however who this is, we do not know, and whether they can create new taken enemies or just use resources already available is also unknown.
  9. Number 44. Rasputin is referred to as the Last Warmind, however we know that Charlemagne existed at same point. During the Alpha an area was called Charlemagne’s vault and apparently the original storyline had as find Thorn in Charlemagne’s vault. I know of only two references to Charlemagne, the first is in the new Gjallarhorn quest line on Bannerfall, where the notes of Fiezel crux mentions a type of rocket launcher called Charlemange. The other mention is in the sleeper simulant quest line and when you are completing the quest, an upgrade node refers to Charlemagne. Where are the other warminds and do they still exist?
  10. Number 45. What exactly is the Heart at the Black Garden?! We know that the Vex worship it, however we don’t really know what the heart is. My theory is that the Black Garden and the worshipping Vex stem from the Books of Sorrow, in the Books of Sorrow the Vex tried to simulate Oryx, however they could not simulate Oryx because he was too powerful due to his symbiotic relationship with worms. Consequently, the Vex began studying the worms, however they never introduced the worms to their fluid but rather began a religious sect to worship them. I think the Heart of the Black Garden could be an aspect of the worms, and the Vex trying to extract the power of the worms through worship.
  11. Number 46. Where is the Cabal Home planet? Does it still exist? Are the Cabal fleeing something? Game Informer confirmed that the current theory is that the Cabal encountered Oryx and are fleeing. However, this has never been confirmed in game. Some grimoire cards hint that the Cabal home world has been destroyed and also in game dialogue indicates that the Cabal Empire may still be alive, as the Cabal send messages to their leader. However, for the most part, the Cabal backstory is largely unknown.
  12. Number 47. House of Kings? The fallen House of Kings have remained eerily silent and mysterious. They are said to have controlled the House of Devils from the Shadows. The question remains do they still control the House of Devils, or did the Devils break free after using SIVA?? Or do the House of Kings still plot to take the Traveler from humanity.
  13. Number 48. Destiny’s timeline… The exact date and time periods of each age is unknown, how long did the dark age last for, how long did the city age last for, many have put together rough estimates of the Destiny timeline, however for the most part it is still unknown, with you ghost only consistently saying it has been centuries.
  14. Number 49. Why did the Nine release Skolas? After the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov captured Skolas, Prince Uldren’s crows were caught poking about the Jovians, and the Nine did not approve. As an apology gift, Queen Mara Sov sent the Nine Skolas as a gift. Upon arriving at his Destination, Xur Agent of the Nine released Skolas. Why the Nine did this, we do not know.
  15. Number 50. Lastly… Why has the Traveler not awoken!? During the campaign mission we return light and strength to the traveler by retrieving a shard of the Traveler from the Hive and also destroying the Black Garden…however the Traveler remains silent and crippled. I have a feeling that the traveler waking will not happen until a very long time in destinys life cycle

Thank you for listening, that concludes my top 50 destiny mysteries, be sure to leave any corrections in the comments or you favourite mystery that I forgot, otherwise if you want to support the channel, leave the phrase “Wake up!!”, to represent the sleeping traveler. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.